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Birth Story! ~ 39 weeks
~ Meet Ally

AllyWell, as you might remember, I had been having some crazy contractions last Wednesday, and then after talking to my Ob and taking a shower, they went away.

But . . . they came back! At 7pm, I talked to my Ob again and she said she wanted to see a more definite pattern of contractions before we came in, and if that happened, I didn't have to call. At 8:30, Tom was upstairs putting Maddie to bed when I told him I thought it would be smart for us to take her to our friend's house for the night. That way, even if they did send us home, at least we weren't waking anybody up. She would be settled for the night. I was really emotional saying goodbye to her, but she knew she was going to her friend's house and was just too excited!! "Buh-bye Mommy! See you soon!" She said enthusiastically. So, I packed up the rest of my bag, straightened up the house and waited for Tom to come home.

We arrived at the hospital at 10pm. They checked me and I had gone from 2 cm to 3cm since my 39-week appointment. Good news! So, in order for them to admit me, I had to show more progression within the next hour. We went speed walking around the maternity ward! The nurses were laughing at me. Like walking FASTER is going to help!

When they checked me at 11pm, I hadn't budged. The plan was to send me home. But, they wanted to do a quick ultrasound to make sure everything was ok first. It turned out that the amniotic fluid level was really low. So, due to the complications with that, they admitted me anyway. When they told me they were going to start me on Pitocin, I thought I was going to have a meltdown. I had pitocin with Maddie and was willing to do anything to avoid having it again. Pitocin is just evil. I convinced the nurse to let me wait it out a bit longer and see if we could get things to progress naturally, so I put my sneakers back on and went walking again for another hour.

I did make some progress this time! I was 4 cm dilated, but the contractions were still spacing between 4 and 8 minutes apart. By 4 am, I was worn out and just wanted to get things moving along, so I agreed to start the pitocin. My nurse reassured me that since I was already dilated 4 cm, I could have an epidural anytime I felt I needed it. By 5:30, I was ready. Not so much because I wasn't able to handle the contraction, but because I was exhausted from being up all night. At least the epidural would enable me to rest, while my body finished dilating.

Around 11 am, I started having horrible pains in my left side. The water had broken on its own, and since the fluid levels were already so low, they suspected that her shoulder was pressing against my hipbone when a contraction came on. For about 45 minutes, I whimpered through the contractions until I was fully dilated. Oh my gosh did that ever hurt!!

At 11:45, I got the go ahead to push and twelve minutes later, Ally was born! What a difference the second baby makes! I pushed for three hours with Maddie!! And they still needed to use suction to get her out!

Ally looks a lot like her big sister! Same hair do, same little mouth. She's so sweet. She's such a little snuggle bug. She hardly cries, except when she's naked! She's nursing really well too.

Maddie is having a tough time. She's a little out of whack right now. Lots of tantrums and it's breaking my heart to see her so frustrated and confused. I've been spending as much one-on-one time as I can with a four-day-old baby.

Alexandra "Ally" Lois Watson
March 6, 2003; 11:57 am
7 lbs 1 oz; 20" long

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