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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal

Week 12

Three weeks ago, Tom and I met with a genetics counselor to discuss genetic testing. We sat with her for over an hour and a half talking about all the different kinds of tests, the risks and the benefits.

Since I am of "advanced maternal age," my Ob recommending doing genetic testing even though Maddie was born perfectly healthy. But then, I was 34 when I had her. It's hard to believe that two years makes that much of a difference in risks for genetic abnormalities. What is it about being pregnant after age 35? Geesh! Like I don't feel old enough already! Boy, this is not fun stuff to think about.

I learned very early when I was pregnant with my daughter that the definition of Mom meant that you worried. I worried about everything while I was pregnant, and then when she was here, I worried about SIDS, about her development, about her happiness. And now, I worry about her eating habits.

So, back to the genetic counseling appointment. I was particularly interested in the CVS test because it can be done very early. Between weeks 10-12. It tests for the chromosome abnormalities, just like an amnio. The risk of miscarriage is slightly higher. About 1%. But, my risk of having a baby with a genetic abnormality is also 1%. The risks were even. I grilled her on the hospitals's miscarriage rate as well as who would be preforming the test and the qualifications of the doctor. The doctor is a certified perinatologist. She just got back from a six week refresher course in London. I had a much better feeling after meeting her in person.

After much discussion, my husband and I decided to schedule the test. Knowing, and knowing early is really important to us. Deciding to do any invasive procedure like this is not easy. It's also very personal.

The procedure took about an hour. Most of the time was spent looking at the little peanut via ultrasound and trying to determine a good place to insert the needle. My bladder kept filling up and they made me empty it twice. They went in very low, down by my pubic bone. They numbed the area first, but they can't numb your uterus, and that's really what you feel. Ouch!! Fortunately, it doesn't last very long.

I had some cramping the first two days and had strict instructions to just rest. So, Tom took both days off to care for our daughter while I played sofa princess. I've not had any spotting and at this point, I'm feeling pretty confident that everything is ok. We will have the results back in a week. I am anxious and nervous for next week to come. I am praying that it is nothing but good news.

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