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Week 13 ~ September 6, 2002
~ Test results, vacation and preggo brain sets in

We got the call from the doctor and the first words out her mouth were, "The baby is developing normally." All 46 chromosomes are normal. Whew!! What a relief!!

Tom and I were each on a telephone so we could hear the news together. He just laughed when he heard the news.

And, we're having another GIRL!! Didn't I say I thought I was having another girl? Lol!!

Tom said before we found out that he was kinda hoping it was a girl, so Maddie would have a sister. I think that's quite funny coming from someone who has been calling my belly "JACK" from the moment he found out we're pregnant!?

I'm just wondering if he'll want to try for number three (and hope it's a Jack) after number two has been here for awhile?! I'm certainly NOT going to suggest the idea!

We plan to go ahead and take the AFP blood test at 15 weeks to rule out neural tube defects since the CVS test can't screen for that. But at least we know for certain there are no genetic abnormalities.

It feels a bit odd to know the sex of the baby so early on. It's great for planning though! We were in Maine this past week on vacation and one of the days we went shopping in Freeport, home of L.L. Bean. I didn't flinch at spending the money on a snowsuit and boots for Maddie since I know it will get double the use!!

My energy has been slowly returning, although I find I can still really benefit from a good hour nap in the afternoon. There's something about chasing a toddler around that makes me tired! And, I haven't been sick or nauseous in almost a week!

BUT . . . Preggo brain has set in. BIG TIME! Tom keeps asking me if I'm ok. He says sometimes he looks at me and I'm just zoning out into space.

I've been noticing that I've been having short-term memory problems lately. I had Preggo Brain really bad when I was pregnant with Maddie and then it just turned into Mommy Brain, but I did notice the brain cells slowly coming back. Until I got pregnant again!

I was doing laundry and getting things packed up on our last day of vacation. After I took a shower, I was getting dressed and noticed my jewelry wasn't in the usual place. I only wear a wedding ring, a watch and diamond stud earrings, so there's not that much to keep track of.

Well, I found the earrings and watch rather easily. But no ring.

I completely unpack my packed suitcase, look in all the bathrooms, in the washing machine, the dryer, and stick my hand in the garbage disposal. I am looking EVERYWHERE for my ring.

Panic is setting in.

Tom gets back from a walk with Maddie and she's snoozing on his shoulder. I don't tell him right away, but he notices me being a spaz and frantically looking for something. He's sitting in a chair, snuggling with Maddie, who's still sleeping, and motions for me to come over and tell him what I'm looking for.

I take a big deep breath and tell him I lost my wedding ring. His eyes get as big as saucers and he says in this very low growl, "Find the ring, NOW!"

I'm trying to retrace my steps from the day before, but my brain feels fuzzy. Finally, I think I may have put my ring in the pocket of my overalls just before I put sunscreen on Maddie to go to the beach.

Hmmm, I've already WASHED my overalls and checked the pockets. No ring.

For the fifth time, I got back upstairs and look in the washer and dryer. Wedged in between the vent of the dryer I see the ring.

Whew!! I think I might have Tom lock it up in a safety-deposit box until it's safe to wear it again!

If you've made it this far through my scary little saga, thank you! I just wanted to let you know that I'll be visiting my mom for two weeks in Houston, so week 14 and 15 will be combined when I get back!!

Be well!

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