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Week 16 ~ October 1, 2002
~ Ahhh, feeling good again!

Wow! I feel great! I just love the second trimester. I'm not sick anymore, not so big that I'm uncomfortable, and I've gotten my energy back! No more napping needed to make it through the day! I've been going through this nesting thing too. All in the last few days, I've cleaned out Maddie's closet and dresser drawers to see what she needs since she's just gone through a little growth spurt. At 20 months, I think she's finally outgrown her 6-12 month stuff!! I went through my closet too and organized it, moving all my itty-bitty clothes to the back so I wouldn't have to look at them and get depressed. I found a couple pairs of maternity pants that I bought when I was pregnant with Maddie that needed to be hemmed so I took them to the tailors. I also decorated the house for fall and bought Maddie's Halloween costume. I hope this energy surge continues! It's great!

There's no mistaking it now, I look pregnant. Especially when I'm standing up, that belly just pops right out there! I've gotten over the fact that I'm in maternity clothes so early this time. I'm comfortable now, and that's all that matters. Well, sort of. It's nice to look good too. I find it difficult to look my best when I'm pregnant. I try and spend a little extra time on my hair and makeup to try and compensate for the fact that I feel like a moose. I'm not sure what's going on with my skin lately. My face had broken out in the beginning, but then magically it just cleared up around week nine. But just yesterday morning I woke up with this gigantic, monster of a zit on my chin. It's the kind that's raised, red and angry looking and hurts to touch. Well, by the end of the day, I couldn't leave it alone any longer, so I attempted to pop it. Big mistake. It's now even bigger and redder. It's about the size of a nickel! I'm not kidding! Last night, Maddie points to it and says, "Boo boo!!" Nice, eh?

I went to the lab yesterday and had blood drawn for the AFP blood test. This should be the last time I have to be poked with a needle for a while. The CVS test that I took at week eleven doesn't test for neural tube defects. I should get the results next week at my regular monthly appointment. I actually have two doctor's appointments next week. I have a follow up appointment with the perinatologist that did the CVS test. She's doing a level II ultrasound. Even though we already know we're having a girl, it's still so fun to see them moving around in there. I've been feeling her practicing her kickboxing. I don't remember feeling Maddie quite this early, but then I'm not sure I knew what to look for either. It's still pretty early, and I don't feel her every day yet, I'm looking forward to that and knowing what she's up to everyday and having Tom be able to feel her move too. For me, the very best part about being pregnant is feeling that little peanut move around inside my tummy. It's just so special.

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