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Week 21 ~ November 7, 2002
~ No whining this week, I promise!

Well, after looking at all the journal entries I've made this far, it seems to me that I've been using the journal as an outlet to vent all my frustrations. I think it's healthy to talk about things that are annoying or frustrating, but I realized I'm not painting a very positive picture.

So, I'd like to focus on everything that is going right for a change. I'm feeling Ally (oh, yeah, I haven't told you yet, I think we've decided on a name. More on that later!) kick like crazy! She's a very busy little girl in there. She seems to particularly respond when Maddie is talking nearby. I just love feeling her move around in my tummy. Wondering what she's doing. What she's thinking . . .

Maddie and I both are recovering from head colds. I have been dreading cold and flu season because she had really been hit hard last year. What a difference a year makes! She's able to tolerate a cold much better than she was last year. I'm sure she will still get a whopper-of-a-cold now and then, but it's much easier taking care of her now than it was last Winter when she wasn't even a year old yet.

I'm looking obviously pregnant these days, but my weight gain has really slowed down. A really good thing!! I think I've gained around 16-17 lbs. so far. I don't have much of an appetite though. Kinda odd. With Maddie, I craved meat. All the time. I could eat a steak for breakfast! And the funny thing was, in the seven years before I got pregnant with her, I had been a vegetarian. No meat at all. It was the weirdest thing. I gave in at a baseball game and had a hot dog, and never looked back. It still grosses me out if I really think about it. And with this pregnancy, I really don't have any interest in meat. Sweets on the other hand? Bring 'em on!! I had this urgent craving the other day for a Cinnabon. Well, the nearest Cinnabon store is at the airport. No, I didn't drive there. I made some from scratch instead and they were so yummy! Don't tell my Ob, but one day, I actually ate one for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! My belly is starting to dwarf my butt and thighs, which is a good thing. I am still amazed at how large my breasts have become. There are so much bigger this time! I'm wondering what will happen when I start nursing!?

Tom took me by complete surprise last Saturday. He bought a car! Well, I suppose if you didn't know him, you'd think this was really irresponsible. He's actually very conservative financially. I'm the one that you have to watch out for! If there's money in my pocket, I'm looking for something to buy! Anyway, we had been talking about buying an SUV for quite a while. The plan had been to wait until January though. He's picking it up tonight! I'm very excited! I love my Audi, but it's just too darn small for a family.

Ok, back to the name thing. Well, you know we've known for quite a while now that this baby is a girl. I don't know why I've been hesitant to name her 'publicly.' I guess because it feels so permanent. Anyway, we really like the name Alexandra Nicole. Friends and family would call her Ally. I think it's a similar name to Madeleine which is what we were looking for. There's a ton of really trendy names that I like too. Bailey, Jordan, Olivia, and Taylor come to mind. Tom brought up Hillary the other day. I love that name, but it's just a little tainted for me right now. wink Alexandra just feels right. At least for now. We should make up our minds quickly though. We're reaching that point of no return since we're both calling my tummy Ally. Pretty soon that WILL be her name because we're so used to that!!

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