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Week 22 ~ November 14, 2002
~ The quest for the perfect pair of jeans!

Yippee!! I was right, my weight has slowed down. I had my OB appointment on Friday and I haven't gained a single pound this month!! I just want to be clear that I am not dieting or restricting what I eat by any intentional means. I just haven't been as hungry. With Maddie, the hunger was so intense and so urgent. And in the first trimester, it would often hit me all of a sudden like that, but for the last five weeks or so, I just haven't had much of an appetite. Unless, it's for something sweet and gooey!

I think I mentioned in an earlier journal entry that the doctor's practice I go to is a group and they like you to see all the doctors. Well, on Friday, I saw a doctor I haven't seen before. In fact, he's the first MAN OB/gyn I've EVER seen!! He was this rather port, bald, grandfather type. I had a few questions and told him I was spotting still, off and on. He told me that he wanted to check my cervix just to make sure everything was closed. I'm thinking, ok fine. So, he says, "Slip off your bottoms and I'll take a look." And I'm thinking, you're going to leave the room so I can do this right? And he's just standing there!! So I ask him if he has a sheet or a gown and after this awkward pause he says, "Oh, yeah . . . let me get one for you." Isn't that a little weird? I'm going to take off my pants with him standing there? I don't think that's likely to happen! LOL!! I'm not sure if he was distracted (Maddie was with me) or what his deal was. I didn't get a creepy feeling from him, like he was a pervert or anything, but I did think it was really odd that he was just hanging out there in the room with me, waiting for me to undress!!

Well, the cold I had last week is still here. I've been sleeping with a humidifier, using ocean drops and occasionally popping a Sudafed to try and clear up my sinuses. I finally called the doctor's office yesterday because it's just not getting any better. I've got green stuff coming out of my nose (sorry if this is too much information!) And my whole head feels like I'm under water. I just didn't want to take any antibiotics if I didn't absolutely have to. They've got me on a Z-Pak. I think I had a sinus infection when I was pregnant with Maddie and they had me on a Z-Pak then too. I just want to feel better. Sinus infections just drain my energy, and I'm prone to them. It's rare that a cold doesn't turn into a sinus infection for me. Fortunately, I don't get many colds, but when I do, this is what happens.

I keep searching for the perfect pair of maternity jeans. I'm having a hard time finding them! I have a really cheap pair from Motherhood that is really cute. Nice faded color, boot cut. Not too long, but I can still wear with boots. The problem is that it's the under-the-belly style and they will not stay up! They creep down and it drives me insane! I'm always hiking them up. It's especially annoying when I'm playing with Maddie on the floor. I'm inevitably giving someone a nice 'plumber's smile!' lol! I bought a pair of jeans when I was pregnant with Maddie from Mimi. They're cute too, except they're made for someone who's 5'9" (I'm 5'4"!) I've had them hemmed but that doesn't solve the belly panel problem. It's gigantic!! I can actually stretch the belly panel up over my boobs!! LOL! It's very funny!! I was able to wear them in the final weeks of my first pregnancy (after I outgrew everything else!) so I'm assuming they'll be the one thing that will still fit at the end of this pregnancy! I also have a pair of cropped jeans that are cute, but not very practical for New England so I don't wear them very much. So, I guess you could say I'm jeansless!! I ordered a cute pair from GapMaternity. I was so excited when the mailman dropped off the box last night. I quickly ran upstairs to try them on, hoping this was they would fit. No luck! They're huge. They're a size medium, which should have fit. I'm so disappointed. I never thought finding a pair of jeans would be this difficult! So, I'm going to send them back and try a size small. The quest continues . . .

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