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Week 24 ~ December 3, 2002
~ I found them! I have jeans!!

Woo hoo!! The mailman delivered my third and final pair of jeans, cutely packaged from Gap. THEY FIT!! You have no idea how excited I am!! I suppose the smart thing to do was to just have ordered three or four pairs all at once and just return the ones that didn't fit. Well, I just don't have that many working brain cells left to have been that smart. I'm just happy I have a pair that fit!

I have a doctor's appointment later this week. I've written out a list of questions because they are in such a hurry to get patients in and out. It's really frustrating. I should have followed my gut and switched practices much earlier. I almost feel like it's too late now. It's not that I feel like I'm getting bad care, I just feel rushed. And, it bothers me that I don't have a relationship with any particular doctor, since they make you rotate each month and see a new doctor each time. I think there's ten doctors in this practice. I haven't liked any of them so far . . . I had a wonderful OB in Scottsdale where Maddie was born. I've even written out a birth plan for the delivery of this baby. I didn't do it with Maddie. I just feel more secure having everything written down.

I have a friend from a playgroup that's going to be induced tomorrow. She's just 38 weeks, but the baby is already close to 10 lbs.!! Can you imagine?! Yikes! I had trouble squeezing Maddie out and she was only 7 lbs. 4 oz.! With her baby coming tomorrow, I've been thinking that I really don't have that much longer. March will be here before I know it. I need to get started on the baby's room. I have done nothing. Actually, I need to get Tom moving!! I really can't start until he gets his junk out of the closet. He's a packrat extraordinaire. I think he's got financial manuals from 1986 in that closet. Do you think he uses any of that stuff??

Tom and I had a funny conversation last night. We were talking about how difficult those first few weeks (months!) can be and how labor-intensive a newborn is in the beginning. And, how much harder it will be with a toddler added into the mix. I told him that he shouldn't be surprised if I hand him the baby when he walks through the door now and then and I go take off to a bookstore or coffee shop for an hour or so. He had this look of utter terror on his face! He said, you'd take Maddie with you, right? RIGHT!??? I just calmly said to him that if I can juggle both of them all day long, there's no reason why he couldn't handle both of them for an hour or so now and then! Lol!! He'll figure it out!

You know how I've told you that Tom talks to my tummy all the time and he refers to the baby by name now? Well, now when we ask Maddie, where's Ally? She comes over with the biggest grin on her face and pats my tummy. It's so cute! At 22 months, I'm not sure what she understands. I don't want to underestimate her because she really does understand everything we say, but I would imagine understanding the concept that there IS a baby in mommy's tummy is a bit confusing. I think I need to go find some books on how and when I should try and explain all of this to Maddie. I also need to spend some time figuring out the logistics of what we're going to do when I do go into labor. My mom is going to help for three weeks or so once the baby is here, but I don't want to have her here too early. She's a good four-plus hour plane ride away. I just know I'm going to be late with this baby . . . All our family is out of state. The closest relative is two hours away by car. I think I'm going to need someone to help me out in the meantime. I have a few friends that are close by and have toddlers Maddie's age. I think I'm going to have to rely on them until reinforcements (my mom) arrives.

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