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Week 29 ~ January 2, 2003
~ Go Bucks!

Accckk! How has this happened again? I'm two weeks behind in my journal (yet AGAIN!) so I'm combining the past two weeks in an effort to get caught up once and for all! I'm sorry!

I'm know it had a lot to do with Christmas and being away for a few days. And then the day after Christmas, all three of us got hit with a nasty cold. Tom's healthy. I'm finally healthy again, and Maddie is pretty much back to normal, except that she's cutting her two year molars and she's been downright miserable all week long.

Christmas was so fun this year. Last year, it was all about the boxes for Maddie. She could have cared less that there was actually cool stuff inside the boxes. She caught on pretty quick! The day after Christmas, she went over to the tree and said, "More Santa!" lol!! Like she didn't get enough?! Ha! Hardly! My family room is a mirage of primary colored plastic!

Tom has been off the last two weeks and it has been so nice having him around! You'd think I'd get even more done around the house with an extra set of hands. Well, the day-to-day stuff wasn't as smooth as it is when it's just Maddie and me at home, but we did manage to accomplish quite a few things on Tom's 'honey-do' list!

I cleaned out my dresser and got rid of everything that I would never wear again. Plaid stirrup pants? Can you say 1994? Very scary! They were tiny too! I burst out laughing when I pulled them out of my drawer. I had Tom build a pantry in one of the closets we have in our kitchen. It's awesome! It has lots of shelves for storage now, instead of things thrown on the floor in an unorganized mess! I've also went bonkers buying storage bins of all shapes and sizes. Maddie's clothes have been sorted by size and I went through her toys, pulling out the things that she's outgrown. I got Tom to clean out the baby's closet, so that's ready for her stuff now. We went furniture shopping too, for Maddie's room, since the baby will be getting Maddie's furniture. I had hopes of painting both rooms while he's home, I still think we may tackle one room this weekend. Can you say n-e-s-t-i-n-g? Gosh, I never got the nesting urge once when I was pregnant with Maddie!! It's so strange! But really nice too! I love being so organized!

Have you noticed that I've been calling the baby, the baby again? We're playing the name game again. Actually, we've been trying out the name 'Sydney.' One of the mommies at StorkNet has a daughter named Sydney and I mentioned the name to Tom over Christmas and he really likes it . . . well enough to name this baby Sydney. So, we'll see!!

I'm happy that the holidays are almost over. We've got one more shindig left before we can resume our normal lives again. We're having a Fiesta Bowl party tomorrow evening. Tom and I both graduated from Ohio State and we're just as nutty about the Buckeyes as any Ohio State fan - no pun intended! Hee hee. There's a life-size cardboard cutout of Brutus Buckeye standing in my foyer wearing a Santa hat. I've got a ton of cooking to do, which I know will be a challenge with a toddler attached to my hip. GO BUCKS!

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