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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 32/33 ~ February 1, 2003, 2003
~ Oh No!! They're here!

Last week was just awful. It seemed I didn't have a moment to myself. Tom got a new boss and the tyrant was calling meetings at 6pm, which meant that he wasn't home until after bedtime. Maddie came down with a stomach virus and was sick for four days. And well, I'm just exhausted from not sleeping. So, I'm combining weeks again, since it seems I can never seem to stay caught up once I do get current with my journal.

And then on Saturday, the nesting urge kicks in again! Tom offers to take Maddie for the day so I can work on Maddie's room.

Well, her room is done, but I paid a pretty hefty price!

I now have the world's worst case of hemorrhoids, EVER! They are just huge! They actually hit the chair before my bottom does! They have to be just the worst pregnancy related side effect! Well, it's my own darn fault. Painting Maddie's room took over nine hours. All the standing and pressure produced a cluster of hemorrhoids that would make any vineyard in Napa Valley very proud. I was in tears a couple of times on Sunday. I must have sat my tushie in a sitz bath about half-dozen times on Sunday just trying to relieve some of the pain. Oh, these things are not fun. I'm terrified of going into delivery with them.

I got them about this time in my pregnancy with Maddie too, and I wasn't able to get them cleared up in time for her delivery. Tom was afraid to tell me about them - like I didn't KNOW they were there!! He used to call them 'my boys.' I guess inferring that they looked a bit like I was growing testicles!! Well, at least HE has a sense of humor about them! So, I pretty much know what I'm in for this time around too. And, it makes me feel very, very sorry for myself. It wasn't my episiotomy site that took forever to heal; it was the darn hemorrhoids! Ugh! I have an appointment on Tuesday, so I'm going to ask if there's anything that they can give me to help reduce them in time for delivery. I suspect not, but I can have hope.

On a positive note, Maddie's room looks so darling! When she first saw it, she said, "Blue sky!" At least she recognized that those where clouds that I had painted on her walls!

Maddie turns two tomorrow. (Sniff-sniff!) It's so amazing how fast time goes. It honestly feels just like yesterday that I was bringing HER home from the hospital for the first time. She's had a huge language spurt in the last week and it's been so fun watching her language develop. She's talking in sentences now! I told myself that I wasn't going to do anything too fancy for her birthday, but as it turns out, it is really hard for me to contain myself! We're having some family over and a couple of Maddie's favorite playmates. I'm looking forward to this weekend and celebrating her birthday and looking forward to her sister's birth day as well in just a few more weeks!

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