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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34 ~ February 9, 2003, 2003
~ An unpleasant trip to L&D!

All day Thursday, I just felt kind of funky. My tummy wasn't really upset, but I wasn't hungry and it was crampy all over. I canceled a playdate for Maddie and we just poked around the house. I didn't really think anything of it and I really wasn't feeling bad enough to take a nap during Maddie's afternoon snoozefest. But then, around 2 am, I woke up feeling really awful. Stuff started coming out of both ends. I was having horrible cramps and just felt miserable.

At 4am, I woke up Tom and told him that it might be a good idea if he stayed around to help with Maddie on Friday and be here just in case we needed to make a trip to the hospital.

By 7am I was feeling absolutely horrid and unable keep water down. I called my Ob who told me that if I wasn't better and still couldn't hold some type of clear liquid down within an hour to head over to the hospital.

An hour later and even a Popsicle was coming back up so I called my Ob back and she told me to go to the hospital to be evaluated. I called Maddie's boyfriend's mommy to see if we could drop her off since we don't know how long I'll need to be there. Of course she agreed and we packed Maddie up along with some snacks, diapers and her night-night clothes just in case we weren't back in time to put her down for her nap.

So, we were on our way to the hospital, and did I mention that we were driving there in the midst of a snowstorm? Some of the roads hadn't even been plowed yet and the snow was coming down really hard! Driving was a little treacherous - to say the least. And, Tom was going just as fast as he could because I was having contractions about five minutes apart at this point!! The contractions weren't very painful, but they were enough to get my attention and they were making me nervous because I'm worried about the baby getting dehydrated and going into premature labor.

Three bags of IV's, drugs to stop the contractions, another medication to help with the nausea and about six hours later, they sent me home. I am amazed at how quickly you can get dehydrated when you're pregnant.

The good news is the baby is doing great. She was very responsive - her heartbeat was high, although they assured me she wasn't stressed and they measured the fluid in the placenta, which was fine. I'm already dilated a one and my cervix is soft. The doctor felt her head. But, we all know what that means . . . absolutely nothing! She'll come when she's ready. Oh, but can I please just mention how unpleasant that internal exam was??!! Oh-my-gosh did it hurt! I have an appointment tomorrow and I can hardly wait to start weekly internals!

I'm recovering slowly. I know I would be in much worse shape had I not gone to the hospital. I know the fluids and anti-nausea medication really helped me get over this much quicker than if I had tried to weather it on my own. Besides, that just wouldn't have been smart. Looking back and realizing that I needed THREE bags of fluids made me realize that we made the right decision. I'm normally one of those, "Oh, I'm fine . . . I'll just suffer through this" types who hates going to the doctor, much less the hospital. But I knew I was heading downhill fast and even though the baby was fine, if I had waited until later in the day, the outcome could have been much different.

I'm really sore - I feel like I've got broken ribs from all the retching (sorry - tmi!) and still feel kinda funky, not to mention that I think I'm starting to get a head cold! Argh!! Will it ever end?

I don't think I mentioned this in my journal, but I know I told Tom this: I had a feeling that I would be in L&D at some point during my pregnancy before I actually delivered. Weird, eh? Hopefully this is all the excitement I'll have until she decides to make her appearance!

I also want to mention just how Maddie great through all of this. It's like she just 'knew' that I wasn't well. When she woke up Friday morning, Tom went to get her and she was asking for me. He brought her in to our room and I guess I was looking pretty bad. She gave me this sweet smile and in her little voice, said softly, 'Hi, Mama.' and waved. I didn't want to get too close to her incase this is contagious. She was just a little angel. And so was Tom for that matter.

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