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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 35 - 38 ~ March 4, 2003, 2003
~ In Loving Memory of Lois M. Watson

Last weekend, my mother-in-law passed away. She would have been 80 years old on March 27th. She fought a very long, hard battle with Parkinson's Disease. And although we are all grieving deeply for her, we are relieved that she is no longer suffering. So, in honor of her, we have found the perfect middle name for our daughter. Alexandra Lois.

As one life is ending and another life is about to begin, it has struck me, as so obvious that this is what life is all about. It's so sad that it takes a tragedy to make you come to these very simple conclusions. Tom has said repeatedly over the last week how grateful he is that we have our family. He's so right. When I look back at the hesitation I had to having children, I realize now what I'd be missing out on! With a child, there's so much to look forward to! So much to learn and rediscover together with them. So much love to share. The one regret that I have now is that I didn't get a chance to tell my mother-in-law what a great son she raised. Tom is such a terrific dad. She would be so proud of him if she had the chance to see him and Maddie together. I know he'll be just as wonderful with Ally.

So, if you've been following my journal and wondered if I'd had her yet, the obvious answer is no. Life just took over for a few weeks. I'll try to catch you up to now. I'll warn you though, it's been a rough three weeks!

After I recovered from the stomach virus from Hell that landed me in labor and delivery for a day, Maddie got a head cold and then she got an ear infection on top of it. We were sick for a good ten days. Tom caught the head cold too, then gave it back to Maddie. Fortunately, round two of the head cold wasn't as bad as the first round.

We've had so much to do around the house, to get ready for baby Ally, especially since we were away. We made great headway this past weekend, but still have a lot to do. I know once she's here, none of it will matter a bit, but while I'm waiting for her, I'd like to try and get some of the things knocked off the list.

I've got my bag all ready! I wanted to go pick out a nice going home outfit for me to wear. Something comfy, that felt like jammies, but I wouldn't be too embarrassed to answer the door in, then I remembered that my tummy was still pretty big when I left the hospital with Maddie. I had retained a LOT of water after all the IV's. In fact, I couldn't even wear shoes home. I had to wear my slippers! So, I decided to throw a maternity top and pair of elastic pants in my bag as my going home outfit. I'll save the 'new outfit' for when I lose all this extra weight and I'm back to my normal size.

Speaking of weight gain. I'm pretty happy about where I'm at right now. I've gained 28 lbs. I gained 27 with Maddie. Actually I had gained 30 lbs, but I've lost two in the last two weeks. I have a friend who only gained 14 lbs. She's tall and thin too, so it's not like she couldn't use a few extra pounds anyway. I just don't know HOW you do that?! I think I gained 12 lbs. in ONE month in the first trimester!!

I had a Doctor's appointment this morning. Maddie gets so excited to go to these appointments now. She totally knows the drill. When I tell her we're going to the doctor, she says, "Listen to baby sissy?" She's just too darn cute! Anyway, I'm two cm dilated, the baby's head is in position and the doctor says I'm favorable to go anytime. Yeah right!! I'm gonna be late. I know it! Although based on how I'm feeling, I sure hope it's sooner!!

I'm not sleeping well; I'm now getting up at least four times to pee. My lower back aches constantly and I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions like crazy. Why is it when you're at the end of your pregnancy that even a day feels like an eternity?

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