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Brittany's Pregnancy Journal

family StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Brittany's pregnancy journal.

Brittany (22) and her boyfriend, Ben (21), were very excited to be welcoming their first baby. Brittany was born with Spastic Dysplasia Cerebral Palsy and didn't have an easy pregnancy, but their daughter, Alexa, was born vaginally and healthy at 39 weeks 3 days on January 15, 2012, weighing 6 lbs 9 oz.

Join Brittany as she takes us through her first pregnancy week by week!

Brittany's Journal Entries

Meet Brittany

Weeks 3 & 4
I'm Really Pregnant!

Week 5
Bit of a Scare

Week 6

Week 7
Morning Sickness

Week 8
Finally Some Relief . . . Eventually

Week 9
Could it be Worse? Probably

Week 10
Moving and Stress

Week 11
Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh

Week 12
Bring on the Second Trimester
Weeks 13 & 14
Busy and Exhausted

Weeks 15-17

Weeks 18-20
Lots of Catching Up to Do

Weeks 21-28
Moving, Mayhem and Muscle Spasms

Weeks 29-30

Weeks 31-32
Holidays, Baby Showers & More

Weeks 33-34
A Little Drama and Another Baby Shower

Weeks 35-36
Cervical Check, Strep B Culture & the Holidays

Birth Story
Meet Alexa

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