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Week 11
~ Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh

One more week to go! Yay! Just to get all the off topic stuff out of the way, court went smoothly. I wasn't on the lease as a Tenant so all I had to do was hand in my keys and I haven't heard anything since court so it's been about a week. Hopefully everything is handled. Ben and I had applied for this housing in the neighborhood but we don't make enough to qualify. It sucks but we will figure something out. I am getting really tired of dealing with his mother. Ben had been working a lot so I am home with her and she drives me nuts. I don't have five minutes to myself when she's home. I don't know, I'm dealing I guess.

I wound up running out of Zofran and with Court and all I couldn't call in the refill until Friday night. Well because of it being Fourth of July weekend no one was even on call . . . I am not sure what that means for ladies going into labor but yeah. So I was sick all night and I only had one pill left; I didn't want to take it unless I truly needed it. I woke up Saturday morning still really sick and Ben and Dad were both working all day so it was just Mom and I. We called the clinic and they were able to refill my script as long as I came in for an office visit. I got dressed, took my last pill because the clinic is over twenty minutes away. When we got there we filled out paper work and got called back pretty quickly. They took my weight and vitals then I talked to a doctor for maybe a second, got my script and was on my way. It was very painless and I was able to enjoy the weekend.

We didn't do anything on Sunday but Monday we went to Ben's Aunt Kelly's and had a BBQ and got to go swimming. I didn't eat much, but I finally got up the nerve to put on my suit and go in the pool. It was a little awkward between how big my breasts have gotten and my growing tummy, I felt really exposed but I only have one suit and I didn't think to bring a t-shirt so it was going to have to do. Ben's cousin has two little kids so we got to play with them! It was weird; we were all talking about how by this time next year we will be bringing a near six month old with us. Ahh! That's nuts.

The doctor's appointment went well on Tuesday. My mom showed up at the house around 11:30, we watched a few home videos she had put on DVD and then we went to target to get more clothes. We were supposed to go to lunch but we had stopped at my grandparents' house before going shopping so by the time we were done we only had enough time to get to the appointment. We stopped at McDonald's and I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. It didn't sit well. Mom and I met Ben at the doctor's office and only waited a minute or so to get called back. They weighed me and I went up two pounds which is good since I had lost four last time. My blood pressure was really good, another positive because usually it's a bit high. I had to pee in a cup, I guess to test my protein?? I am not really sure. Then we met with one of the doctors, Dr. Hanson. I had seen her before; she is really nice. She recommended we see a high risk doctor so I have to make that appointment. Then she put the gel on my belly and as soon as the Doppler touched you heard a faint "swoosh, swoosh, swoosh" and I knew right away what I was hearing. She moved it around a little to try and get a clearer sound and she did sorta. The heartbeat was strong and steady at 170bpm which was an amazing thing to hear.

After the appointment Mom took us to lunch at Applebees. I ordered a steak just for the baked potato and only ate half of it. I still wasn't feeling all that great. Mom left us after lunch to go down the shore to spend the night with my great-grandmom. Ben and I went home and just relaxed for the rest of the night. I guess that's all until next week. Stay cool.


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