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Brittany's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 15 - 17
~ Vacation

Sorry for bundling again, but I had a pretty eventful few weeks. Week 15 the in-laws' were on vacation from work so for three days they went to Maryland leaving Ben and I with the house to ourselves. This probably should have been very nice but Ben worked all week so we didn't even do anything. I was extremely sick which turned into a nightmare because our toilet got stuck and wouldn't flush so I had to find a way to take the lid off the toilet and manually pull the flusher between trips to the bathroom. I was so annoyed that day I was crying. I am so tired of being here it's ridiculous. I can't be mad at them for not being financially able to have nice things but when someone who is physically disabled tells you they will pay to have the new toilet installed so I am not falling because the seat comes loose from the toilet, you'd think they would at least take it into consideration but Ben's dad always responds with "I'm not ready." Not ready for what? So they get home and a few days later we are leaving for Connecticut for a week to visit my family; I couldn't wait to get out of the house for a while.

Week 16 started on a Thursday and we leave Sunday morning for vacation. I knocked my pills on the floor while we were packing Saturday night and I couldn't find them anywhere. I spent all of Saturday night puking. We woke up at 9 on Sunday morning and I made sure I ate and brought food and water with me in the car. My body pillow and myself squished comfortably into the passenger seat and we were on the road. We made really good time and only missed one exit in NYC so we had to drive directly in the city but it wasn't so bad. We left the house at 10 and were on my main road by 1:30.

We arrived and my mom was at the gym so we let the puppies out of their crate (they have two miniature dachshunds Max and Miya) and played with them for awhile. Mom got home around 2-2:15 and we decided to eat something. Well I guess between not really eating and the stop and go of the car ride, it didn't sit with my stomach and I got really sick after only a few bites. The night continued and I kept dinner down which was nice.

One of my best friends spent the night with us as well so we didn't get to bed until after 1am. Again another mistake because I was up before 6am throwing up every 10-15 minutes. I decided then I was going to call and see if they would fill the RX even though I was out of state, but I had to wait until 9 when they opened. In the meantime Mom found a Zofran from my sister when she got her gallbladder taken out and I was able to eat and get back to sleep until 10. I called when we got up and they were able to fill it with no problem. Thank goodness for CVS computer system being from state to state. We spent the rest of the day laying by the pool, which is where we spent most of the week.

My mom talked to both Ben and I in detail about me moving up to Connecticut before the baby is born and then Ben would follow in June when he graduates. At first Ben was really reluctant but the more he talked to different people about it, ie my sisters, my step father, my brother-in-law, he began to understand the importance of the move. I didn't make up my mind right then and there but we walked around the grocery store I worked at in high school and I ran into one of my managers; he told me that when I move back I can have my job back. That definitely made the decision a little clearer for me.

Ben had to be back at work by 2pm on Saturday so it was kind of the middle of week 17 when we made the journey back to Jersey. We should have left Friday night, but my step-sister was coming from Rhode Island and I wasn't feeling that great so we decided to leave in the morning. Big mistake. There was a huge accident or something on the Turnpike and it was delayed forever. We didn't wind up getting home til 3-3:30 and I threw up the whole way home all down the side of the car and everything; it was nasty and I felt terrible. Ben didn't get in trouble for being late but he stayed an extra hour later, no big deal.

I was miserable being here and I just wanted to be back in Connecticut where I am comfortable and surrounded by people instead of home alone 75% of the time. I spent the rest of week 17 deciding what to do about moving.

Until next week. <3

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