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Brittany's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 21 - 28
~ Moving, Mayhem and Muscle Spasms

Hello Loyal Storketters,

I appreciate the opportunity to be able to write freely and even though it's not every week I think I do a pretty good job of filling you in on the craziness that is my life. Let's go back a few weeks:

I moved in with my mom and step-dad in Connecticut. A week after being there I fell twice using my crutches cause my stomach had popped a bit and I was losing balance. We switched me to a walker full time and a week later I fell again and wound up going to the ER cause I hit my head pretty hard on the counter. The ER discharged me with a minor concussion and I was sent up to L&D for monitoring. They monitored the baby's heartbeat for about 45 minutes and then the doctor came in and did an extensive ultrasound to make sure the placenta didn't tear. I was sent home after that and we were both doing fine.

The move has been hard on both Ben and myself. He has made it a point to come up on the weekends even if it's just for 24 hours but it's hard not being with him everyday. The distance has led to more arguing over stupid things but we try and remember that half the reason we are fighting is because we miss each other.

On October 24th I got my Glucose test done. I had to drink that stuff (which I was given to take home at my 25 week appointment); I really didn't think it was all that bad. It was orange and I think it tasted like the stuff that melts in ice pops and you drink at the end. I got four vials of blood drawn. Apparently it's state law in CT to get an HIV test twice while pregnant. I had denied all testing in Jersey but I didn't even know she did it until after. They said if you didn't hear anything in two days then there was nothing to worry about. So I guess everything is fine because no one ever called.

I had been having really bad muscle cramps and spasms, especially at night. My legs and feet would cramp up in my sleep and it was very painful. I was told drinking more liquids helps so I am trying to drink more I am just really bad at it because I never kept hydrated before pregnancy.

I never attended my Echo in NJ so we rescheduled up here in CT. Everything came out fine but they want me to have ultrasounds every four weeks to make sure Lexa is growing on time.

The next time I saw Ben was last weekend, Halloween weekend. As some of you may know we got hit with a snow storm and lost power. Ben brought me back to Jersey with him and I am leaving here on Saturday. I don't do well with long car rides and have gotten sick four outta the five times I have done this drive. I am hoping I can make it home without puking because my mom's friend is taking me back up and i'd feel really bad puking in/on her car. Wish me luck.

I fell again yesterday and was close to going to the ER because it was the first time I landed kinda on my stomach. It was more on my side but I didn't feel the baby for about two hours. That was what happened last time I had fallen too. I think the impact scares her and she goes into hiding. She was back to her regular movements last night though and continued through the day today.

I truly apologize for the wait in my updates. I have been so busy between doctors and trying to get my ssi/disability and state assistance all situated. I scheduled the hospital tour for November 22nd because Ben is coming up to get me for Thanksgiving and the Baby Shower!! I have to sign up for classes when I get home this week.


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