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Brittany's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 31-32
~ Holidays, Baby Showers & More

The week with Grandmom was harder then I thought it was going to be. Mom had warned me that she repeated the same stories a lot but by the end of the week I could have probably told them better then she could. I had a little scare, I was coughing a lot between heartburn and indigestion and I had noticed a small amount of blood when I wiped. Luckily my older sister Ally was coming by every day from 2:00-5:00 so when she got to the house I told her what was happening; she had me call the doctor's office and of course they wanted me to come in for an ultrasound. I was kind of disappointed because I knew it would replace my ultrasound scheduled for the 22nd and Ben would have been here for it. But, Ally and I went and they did a very detailed check which I love because I get to watch Alexa squirm for 45 minutes. They said I probably broke blood vessels coughing so much but that everything looks fine.

At the beginning of the week Ben called me and says he never wants his mother to see Alexa. Apparently they got into an argument over something to do with the computer and started yelling at each other which ended in Bonnie saying that our baby was a mistake and that Ben ruined his entire life by sleeping with me. This isn't the first time she has said things like this during arguments which really hurts me because she just laughs it off afterword and pretends like nothing happened. Ben spent that week avoiding her as much as possible and I would just ignore her via facebook and text. I have really had it with the way she says things.

My Mom and Gary got home from the Dominican Republic on Sunday night and I couldn't have been happier to see my mom. Ben came up Monday and we were supposed to do our hospital tour on Tuesday. We were supposed to get a really bad rainstorm on Tuesday night so we decided to cancel the tour and just get home early. Well, early wasn't really all that early. We left Danbury at 3pm and didn't get to Paulsboro until after 8; it took 5 hours when it should have taken 2.5. The traffic was horrible but luckily we had stopped for food before we left so I didn't wind up getting sick.

Wednesday Ben stayed home which was nice but my mom called right before we got to his house and told me I had forgotten my dress clothes for Thankgiving and the shower. We went shopping for an outfit on Wednesday but I decided just to wear something I did bring with me. We had gone to the food store cause I wanted to make Green Bean Casserole for Thursday and then we tried a few different stores and went into Barnes and Noble for Chai Tea and conversation. I really miss being with him everyday. He had to work 6am-3pm on Thursday so I got up with him in the morning and ate and then fell back to sleep until 11. I got up and got a shower trying to spend as little time with Bonnie as I could because I really just wanted to yell at her every time I saw her face. Greg (Ben's dad) had made pancakes for breakfast so he heated me up some after my shower and then I fell back to sleep on the couch until Ben got home. We didn't wind up showing up at his Aunt's until 5pm so we ate and then people started leaving. It was kinda pointless and awkward to be honest. We got home at like 8:30 and watched The Waltons and Ben fell asleep on the couch. I tried to wake him up so we could go to bed and it took about ten minutes; I hope he isn't that dead asleep when I go into labor haha.

Friday we slept in a little, he wasn't working until 3 but my Dad came at like 11:30 to pick me up and we met my sister at my grandparents' house and had lunch. She brought me my clothes for the baby shower on Saturday. I was so excited cause the baby shower was the next day.

Saturday I woke up at like 7:30 of course and woke Ben up and we talked for awhile and cuddled and wound up falling back to sleep until 11. We were supposed to leave for the shower at 1pm. Well by the time we were up and had eaten and were working our way to get ready it was 12. I had to get dressed and do my hair and make-up so we didn't leave the house until close to 1:10. Bonnie gave us an address and we put it in the GPS but of course we got lost. We were on the right road but we weren't going down far enough and Bonnie kept calling and telling us we past it so I was getting really annoyed with her and stopped answering the phone or if I did I would hand it to Ben. We finally got there and I ate and calmed down a bit. Food has been my alcohol the last 8 months lol. They shower was very successful, we had a great time and got a ton of stuff. I really enjoyed myself and I know Ben did too.

The drive home after the shower wasn't as bad as driving down on Tuesday. We left at 5 and got home a little after 9. Mom and I went through all the gifts and put together the pack-n-play. Ben wound up passing out as soon as he got home so I didn't hear from him the rest of the night. Mom and I wound up going to bed a little after midnight.

I get a call on Sunday and someone had broken into Ben's car and stolen the GPS. He took Bonnie's car to work but it was a pretty crappy day for all. He bought a new GPS right away which I felt bad about and Greg called to have his window fixed first thing Monday morning. Ben took the truck to school Monday and got a ticket for not having his parking sticker. I started getting really uncomfortable on Monday, lots of pressure in my stomach, pelvis and vagina. I was doubled over in pain when I would stand up. Mom and I went to a Baby Care Basics class Monday night and that's when the pain really started. She thought it was from me not standing/walking anymore so she had me stand for a little bit and it seemed to subside a little; I relaxed all day on Tuesday cause I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday anyway.

I get into the office and the doctor asks how I am feeling. I told him about all the pain and he checked me right away. Baby is head down but still high and my cervix is still thick and closed so he assumes its just Alexa trying to work her way to drop soon and my pelvis is spreading so that's where all the pain is coming from. I was glad to have an answer. He also told me that I should have called Monday when the pain started and never to hesitate to call.

He gave me information for the TDAP vaccine which he says everyone that will be in close daily contact with the baby needs to get. So my mom, Gary, Ally, Tyler, Ben and myself. I also have to get my Flu shot. I have never gotten one before but if it will help.

I guess that's all until next week.

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