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Brittany's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 33-34
~ A Little Drama and Another Baby Shower

Week 33 wasn't very eventful. We celebrated my sister's 26th birthday, we went out to a habachi restaurant; I love habachi which is funny because I am not a huge fan of take out Chinese food. I was still in a lot of pain when walking, lot of pressure in my abdomen and pelvis. I didn't have a doctor's visit this week so I didn't do much.

Things are really awkward between me and my step-father because of the person I was back in high school. He seems to hold a grudge so we don't talk much and basically try and avoid each other. I would eat dinner and then go to my room for the rest of the night. Luckily because of owning his own company he travels a ton and is usually gone for 10 days at a time and then home for a week or so. I just feel like every thing that comes out of his mouth has an attitude undertone and it's really obnoxious.

BenWeek 34 was a lot of the same. I was having my second baby shower that weekend. I had a good time and my friend who just had a baby two months ago brought her so Ben got a little practice. I wasn't going to see him for the shower because he was coming up the following weekend for our birthing classes, but he surprised me and came up anyway! We seriously couldn't need another thing for this baby after Saturday. We got the travel system and the highchair so we have the complete set in the fabric we wanted. We got so much more clothes and towels; we didn't open everything so we could return some of it and get gift cards back to use for diapers and such later on. Ben called out of work Sunday so he stayed an extra night which was nice.

Monday I felt like I was having contractions and had a ton of rectal pressure so I called the doctor and she just told me to lay on my left side and drink a ton of water. If that didn't subside I was to call her back. I had an appointment Wednesday anyway so she wasn't all that concerned. I just spent Tuesday on the couch drinking fluids. We got into the office on Wednesday and I give them my urine sample, I am given specimen cups to bring in with me because it's easier than doing it at the office. I was weighed and gained 4lbs in two weeks which was my largest number this whole pregnancy. I am so happy cause I know it's all baby! Then we get into the exam room and she checks me. To my disappointment I was still closed and thick which means I am dealing with all this pain for nothing.

Well I guess that's all.

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