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Brittany's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 35 & 36
~ Cervical Check, Strep B Culture & the Holidays

Week 35 was nice, Ben was up and we had our Childbirth Education classes the 17th and 18th. I think the classes are totally worth the $175 for first time moms/parents. We also got a tour of L&D which was awesome cause Ben and I missed our tour back in October. The classes were kinda long 9am-1pm and we didn't get lunch. They fed us snacks but that was like cookies . . . not very nutritious. Wednesday I had an doctor's appointment, and I was still having a ton of pressure and pain so she checked me. I was still closed and my cervix was still hard. Kind of a bit of a disappointment because I was in so much pain and discomfort for what felt like nothing.

Week 36 was kinda depressing and a little scary. I had an appointment in the beginning of the week where they did the strep b culture, the doctor basically takes a q-tip and swabs it all over your area. Kinda uncomfortable but there isn't much too it. Ben came up for the appointment because we were also starting weekly NST (non-stress testing) and had our final ultrasound. Alexa weighted in at 6 lbs and 1oz I am so proud of how well she is growing.

I tried very hard to wish myself into labor this week but it didn't happen. Ben left late Friday night and got home around 3am. He had to work 3pm-11pm both Christmas Eve and Christmas. Christmas Eve was kinda nice even though he wasn't able to be with us. We do dinner out with good friends of my parents and their kids. I didn't eat much, I had filled up on bread and the appetizer so by the time my dinner came I only took a few bites. Christmas Day was lazy as always. I got a few things for the baby and a couple of things for myself. I got the baby bullet which I am so excited about. I can't wait to make Lexa her own baby food! I also got a nice nursing sleeper and robe from my mom. It was hard to celebrate the holidays without Ben; I didn't feel in the holiday spirit at all and whatever little bit I did feel was ruined my my sister's boyfriend. We had eaten Christmas dinner and I was having really bad contractions so I went to go sit on the couch and relax. He picks this time to start messing with me. This including flicking, pulling my hair, very childish crap for a 24 year-old. I had asked him to stop because I was getting really aggravated and he just kept doing it. My brother and sister found this hilarious and laughed the entire time. I wound up getting so worked up I threw up my entire dinner all over myself and the couch. They continued to find this funny (hence why I left at 18, I am a huge joke to my family).

I thought my water had broken so my mom told me to put on a pad and see if it continued to trickle. I went to bed and was sitting on the couch the next morning literally half asleep when I felt another little bit pour out. I went to the bathroom and I was spotting a little so mom took my to L&D. Turned out I just peed myself both times apparently which is kinda embarrassing but I guess it happens. The resident that saw me wouldn't check me which was kinda frustrating because I was having consistent contractions but I guess they weren't strong enough for them to mean anything.

That's all that's really happened in the past two weeks. Stay tuned for week 37!

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