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Brittany's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 3 & 4
~ I'm Really Pregnant

I am combing the two weeks so I'll have a lot more to write about. We technically found out we were expecting on Mother's Day, May 8th 2011, which was pretty awesome. But, I had a feeling I was pregnant about two days after ovulation. My breasts usually get sore the week before my period is due but this month it was almost two weeks before it was due which had never happened to me before. Not only was the discomfort earlier than I expected it was a lot more painful. I figured maybe I was just getting my period early since last month it showed up a week earlier than I though it was going to, so I didn't really think anything of it. The week goes by and I am anticipating my period but it doesn't show. I also begin to notice that my bras were fitting a little snugger than normal and the pain in my boobs still hadn't subsided; if anything it had gotten worse. I mentioned the idea of maybe being pregnant to Ben and he is pretty okay with the idea either way. I decide that if I don't get my period by the end of the weekend I would test. As the days go on I notice a few more slight things that were out of the norm for me, I was bawl bags emotional. Commercials, TV shows, songs on the radio - no matter what it was I was either choking up or actually crying.

Saturday, the 7th. We had a very nice day with Ben's parents for Mother's Day, (my mom lives 3+ hours away so I didn't see her) although we didn't do anything but go to lunch and take a drive around PA. I was exhausted, we got take out for dinner and maybe an hour after eating, I had Ben drive me home so I could go straight to bed. Of course his mom texted him as soon as we left and asked if I was okay because this was not normal behavior for me. I decided to stop at the 24 hour CVS by my apartment and buy a test. We woke up the next morning around 10am and I tested; sure enough, four days before what I thought should have been my period, the test comes back positive.

We go to Ben's parents every Sunday for family dinner so right before we went to his house I tested again and that one came up positive too. I think we were both in a state of shock. I wasn't sure what to say or do. All I kept thinking about was "how am I going to tell my parents." They weren't (well I should say my mom wasn't) very thrilled about Ben and my relationship to begin with so I wasn't sure how they were going to react. I called my doctor Monday and told them I needed to get in right away, and an appointment was scheduled for Thursday, the 12th.

I called my mom and told her the news. She took it better than I expected. She is just concerned with how my CP is going to play a roll in carrying and delivering this baby. Same thing with my dad; he was very supportive but concerned. Ben's parents took it a little harder. He has a year of school left and they didn't want us rushing into anything so quickly, but they know that in the end, it's their family too and they are doing what they can to be there for us both. I had actually talked to his mom that week and she told me that she plans on moving me into their house as I get farther along.

Thursday morning, Ben and I wake up and head to the doctor's. They do my height and weight and finally it's time to pee in the cup (I drank an entire bottle of water on the way to the doctor's and really had to go). The nurse comes back in and tells us the due date, which is January 19th 2012 and was sending in the doctor to do an internal and a pap.

After we leave the doctor's office with my script for prenatal vitamins and a ton of information, Ben drops me off at my apartment and I wait for my dad (he lives about an hour away) so we could do some shopping and have dinner together.

That pretty much sums up what happened since we found out. Look forward to writing next week.


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