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Brittany's Pregnancy Journal

Week 5
~ Bit of a Scare

This week started off a little scary. I was spotting a little, and even though I have read that it was completely normal in the beginning of pregnancy, I freaked out and called my mom. Her words were less then encouraging, "That's how I started miscarrying so keep an eye on it." Thanks Mom! The spotting was a light to dark brown, like the end of my period, so I knew it was old blood but since it was still there the following morning I decided to call my doctor. It wasn't enough to wear a pad or a liner and I only saw it when I wiped but it still worried me, especially after talking to my mom. The doctor gots me in right away. She wasn't my usual doctor, or I should say the doctor I made my first appointment with, but she was very nice and talked me through everything.

After she did an internal and sampled the blood to check for infection, she checked my cervix to make sure it was still closed. It was which is good. Then she wrote me two scripts for blood work. The first one was for my progesterone, my hCG levels and my blood type. Then she gave me a second one to go back a few days later to get my hCG levels again to compare. Ben and I went right from the doctor to Quest to get the blood work. Since it was a Thursday we couldn't go back for the second round of testing until Monday.

Our weekend was eventful. Saturday, Ben and I went to Maryland to visit my dad who was having a BBQ with a few of his friends. It was nice because I haven't seen a lot of them in a long time. Sunday, like every weekend we had dinner with his parents. We were watching TV and I had gotten up to use the bathroom for what had to be the third time in the hour and I wiped and there was pink blood on the paper. I think my heart actually stopped. I walked out into the livingroom and asked Ben to come into the hall and told him what was going on. Of course his mom got all concerned because we were being quiet so I told her and at this point I was shaking. She told me to call the doctor's office. This was when I learned that you can call any time of the night and they will page a doctor on call to get back to you. That, I think is awesome. It makes me feel important and cared for. Not even three minutes after the page, the doctor called. She tells me not to worry unless it gets more red or clotty and heavy, so I just tried to relax. The next time I went to the bathroom the blood was gone so I was very relieved.

Today, which is 5 weeks 5 days so it counts, I got an email with my blood work results in it. My hCG levels were posted at 9861 H mIU/mL . . . according to what I read online, this is high, so I called the doctor's office and they took down my number and would have one of the nurses get back to me to go over my results. Ben and I were out to lunch with my aunt when the nurse called. She said that my levels looked good and she wanted me to schedule an ultrasound. This is the moment when I realized they don't do that at the doctor's office. She told me where to call and I did. I have my first ultrasound Monday, June 1st at 4:40. I am not looking forward to having to hold my urine for over two hours but hopefully we will get to see our little bump and hear its heartbeat! Ben's mom is taking a half day so she can come with us which I am excited about; I am glad she wants to be so involved.

My next OB appointment is the 7th (which I thought would include my ultrasound) and my Mom is coming down from Connecticut for that. I haven't seen her since the beginning of February so I am very excited. I am not really sure what they will do at this appointment so if anyone has any ideas feel free to shoot me an email.

Until next week!

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