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Brittany's Pregnancy Journal

Week 6
~ Ultrasound!

This week started out a lot of the same. I was done spotting which was a relief and even when we were intimate there wasn't any spotting this time. I was still waking up really nauseous but as soon as I ate, the feeling would go away until I was hungry again. Then I woke up on Tuesday, which was 6w5d, and I just knew I was going to get sick. I went downstairs and prepared my breakfast which was fresh strawberries and a multi-grain waffle. I got all the way through my strawberries and half way through my waffle and I knew I was going to get sick. Ben had put icey hot on his back and I think the smell triggered the sickness to come quicker so I got to the bathroom as quickly as I could. Then I was getting in the shower like an hour later and got sick again. I didn't really eat again until like 7:30-8 that night and it was just toast. I kept that down but as the night continued and I was getting ready for bed I was feeling it again, luckily I just got right to sleep and didn't worry about it.

I woke up this morning to a pretty scary situation, Ben had to work 9-5 today so he slept at his house for the first time in about three weeks, and the smoke alarm was going off. As soon as I figured out what was going on I was in a panic. If the apartment is on fire, I am going to have to get down two flights of stairs alone without dying. As soon as I was getting up the alarm goes quiet. I was very careful to open the bedroom door but everything was fine. I called my dad and told him what had happened and he said that the elderly lady that lives below me probably burnt something and our smoke detectors are most likely connected. I relaxed a bit after talking to him and before I could get up to make myself breakfast I was in the bathroom throwing up. Ben had made me Jello last night so I had some of that and within a half hour I was throwing it up. I went back upstairs to get another hour of sleep since I was feeling so crappy. Ben's mom (Bonnie) was picking me up at 2:30 to go to her house and take me to my ultrasound at 4.

I slept for a little while but then my mom called me and told me she was coming to Jersey early cause Pop, my great-grandfather, is in the hospital and they are trying to get him stable enough to send him home so he doesn't have to pass at the hospital. We found out about two months ago that he had stage four lung and bone cancer, and he decided not to do any treatment so it is basically a waiting game. Mom said we might want to go see him tomorrow to say our goodbyes. This will be my first death in the family that I am old enough to remember and I am taking it very hard. But I know that when the time comes he will be in a better place and won't be in anymore pain.

Anyway, on to good news, I empty my bladder at 2:30 like instructed and started drinking water. I had a bottle down when Bonnie picked me up and had finished it before we got to the house. My second bottle I drank a little slower but I had that "I need to pee" feeling half way through. I finished it and I knew my bladder was full. Needless to say, I really had to pee even before getting to the office haha. They registered me and I got to fill out this card with my email for a chance to win $100 Visa card which was pretty cool. I finally get called back and the lady told me I wasn't allowed to record it. I was kinda bummed but then she said they don't hear the heartbeat so I was like okay no big deal. I was in so much pain as she was doing the ultrasound because my bladder was so full, and to think they wanted me to drink like four bottles of water . . . haha. She finally showed me what she was looking at and it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. To see the heartbeat flutter away brought tears to my eyes. It was a nice bonding moment for Bonnie and me too. The tech printed us some pictures and I finally got to use the bathroom.

Ben gets home from work a few minutes after we get back from the doctor's and I got to show him our little Peanut, that't what it looks like so that's what we are calling it. He showered and we got ready to meet his cousin and her boyfriend out for dinner. Before we left Ben called his aunts and told them we were expecting. They were surprisingly very excited and couldn't wait to start shopping for Peanut. Bonnie also texted Ben a little while later and said that Dad had pulled out the ultrasound pictures to show their friends all on his own. That makes me very happy because I know he is still dealing with the reality of the whole situation.

All in all this week was the best week of my life so far and I am so happy to be sharing it with all of you. Don't be afraid to email me any questions or comments.

Until next week, take care!

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