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Brittany's Pregnancy Journal

Week 7
~ Morning Sickness

This week started out a lot of the same. I was still really sick and wasn't feeling up for much of anything. My mom was in Jersey, but she was down the shore with my great-grandparents because my Pop was in the hospital. Her plan was to come to my appointment with me on the 7th, but she called me that morning to inform me that my Pop had passed away at 3:30am. Ben and I went to the appointment on our own and I wished as soon as we got there that my mom would have come. Since I was only a little past 7 weeks they couldn't hear the heartbeat. We were brought into a room and asked a bunch of family history questions. I answered her the best I could but I am sure I left out something. I asked her if they could recommend me to an orthopedic surgeon in the area but she said I'd have to call my regular doctor for something like that. My mom wanted me to see one to talk about new braces that I wear on my legs and possibly putting a lift back in my left shoe. That leg is 3/4 of an inch shorter then my right.

I haven't seen Ben's parents since last weekend but I think his mom is starting to understand how sick I am. The doctor gave me a script for medicine to help with the vomiting which I took last night and today, although I am not actually throwing up, I still get the need to often but it's usually just dry heaves which in my opinion is worse. So Bonnie texted me while Ben was at work today and asked how I was feeling, usually she'd complain about me being in the house all day or not doing anything, but I think she is realizing that I am not faking it. At one point my mom called and asked why I was sleepin; she said I shouldn't feel tired until the end of my pregnancy. I think these women need to not give out advice since they haven't been pregnant in over 19 years or more haha.

I am sorry this is so short, I am fighting to write. My head is spinning and I am feeling very sick. I am hoping this doesn't last the next four weeks; I don't know how I will function.

Until next week,

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