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Week 9
~ Could it be Worse? Probably

This week began pretty crappy and has continued that way. I got an eviction notice last Friday. The notice was to show up in court on the 30th to prove our side because they are saying we owe half the rent from March and water and sewer from when we moved in. Now, before I continue, understand that the "we" I am referring to is my ex-fiance. I was engaged for a year before Ben and I got together and then John and I broke up and he moved out of the apartment in March. When we were living together he was paying all the rent and the electric, and I took care of everything else. After we split I took on all utilities and half the rent. We have to mail in a money order to North Jersey and I had never done it before so I got a letter a month back saying we owed this money. I asked my ex about it and he said it was a mistake and not to worry about it. I wasn't sure, but he wasn't going to help me figure it out so I just did as he said and let it go. A month later I'm showing up in court. Of course my ex is a complete ass about the whole thing and has left it all up to me. I am trying to get my inquires for the money orders to prove that I paid but you need the stubs and I only have two. Hopefully I will win this and not have to give them the money but we will see.

Sorry that had nothing to do with the little peanut growing inside me. Not much went on in that department this week. I am noticing more of a distinct bump which is really cute but other than that the Zofran is working wonders. We went out to Crabby Dick's in Delaware for Father's day with Ben's parents and the seafood didn't sit very well. I am not a huge seafood eater to begin with and I think the baby noticed because I didn't keep it down.

I am excited for my next doctor's appointment; I'll be almost 12 weeks so we will get to hear the heartbeat. I was looking at buying a fetal doppler online but they are kinda pricey for right now.

Ben's parents are letting me move in a little early which is nice and I will be moving in after court. I am a little nervous about it. I know it will be okay but it's going to take some adjusting. I haven't lived with parents in over two years. My mom has voiced some concerns about what will happen if I wind up on bedrest because of the CP. No one is home during the day at Ben's so we have talked about me maybe going up to Connecticut until the baby is born. I want to have her/him here though, I really like my doctors but it's all just talk right now. We have also talked seriously about moving to Connecticut after Ben is out of school in June because I'll have more people around to help out. At Ben's both his parents work over 20 minutes away and he will be at work and school.

I guess thats all for this week. Feel free to email.

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