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Brittney's Pregnancy Journal
Brittney and Mike
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Brittney's pregnancy journal.

Brittney (28) and her husband, Mike, (29) were married in 2008. Brittney is a speech language pathologist and Mike is in the Navy, working as a water survival instructor. They were ecstatic to be expecting their first baby. Finley Rebecca was born at 37 weeks on December 21, 2009.

Read along with Brittney as she takes us through her pregnancy week by week.

Brittney's Journal Entries

Meet Brittney

Week 12
To Show Or Not To Show

Week 13
A Third of the Way There

Week 14
You're Doing What?

Week 15
Spring Cleaning or Nesting?

Week 16
Call Your Mom!

Week 17
Welcome to the Big Apple!

Week 18
A Kick in the Booty!

Week 19
Indigestion and Exhaustion!

Week 20
It's a . . .

Week 21
Kids Say the Funniest Things?

Week 22
Two Showers in One Week!

Week 23
The Big Event, Take Two!

Week 24

Week 25
A Big Sigh of Relief!

Week 26
Sorry Honey!

Week 27
Mommy's Getting Crafty

Week 28
Third Trimester Already?!

Week 29
No News Is Good News!

Week 30
What Happened to My Sleep?

Week 31
Nausea & Morning Sickness, Is that You?

Week 32
All About the Breasts!

Week 33
Oklahoma Babymoon!

Week 34
Now Just Relax!

Week 35
I Have a Healthy Heart!

Week 36
Getting Closer!

Birth Story
Meet Finley Rebecca!

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