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Birth Story
~ Meet Finley Rebecca!

Brittney and FinleyOur sweet precious girl, Finley Rebecca, was born Monday, December 21, 2009 at 3:09am! She weighed 6 lbs., 9.6 ounces and was 19 inches long. She is absolutely beautiful with lots of dark hair. She was born three weeks early at exactly 37 weeks gestation. We weren't expecting to have a Christmas baby but she is absolutely the best blessing and gift we could have ever received!

Let me tell you all about the labor and birth! Remember that period-like cramping I was having on Sunday afternoon? Little did I expect it would be the real deal! On Sunday, after our Bradley class, Mike and I headed to our local sports bar to watch the Seahawks game with our friends. The cramping was getting a little more intense but not that bad. I was getting worried though because every time I went to the bathroom I noticed a pinkish mucous and in all honesty, I thought maybe I was getting another yeast infection. This continued throughout the entire game but the cramping was only coming about every 40 minutes and lasted maybe 30 seconds.

After the game, Mike and I went home. He called Erin to let her know that the cramping was continuing and just wanted her to be aware. He mentioned the pinkish mucous and she suggested that it could be my "bloody show," although I was skeptical. At this point, it was about 6:30pm and the cramping had definitely turned into contractions. I wasn't having any back pain though and most of the contraction was felt down low. Mike and I put on the Christmas movie, "Ernest Saves Christmas" and tried to relax. I didn't want to get too excited because I still thought this was just my uterus practicing for the real thing.

FinleyWhen the movie finished around 8:00pm, the contractions were now coming about every 17-20 minutes. I decided to try and lay down. Mike lit some candles, put on some music, and called Erin, both of our dads, my grandma, and his brother. I hadn't wanted him to call anyone because I didn't want anyone to get too excited. However, from there on out, the contractions started to get stronger and closer together. Around 10:30pm, they were about four minutes apart and lasting about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes each. I got into the bathtub and tried to get comfortable. I made Mike pour water on my back while I was on all fours. This helped a lot but they continued to get stronger and stronger.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I had thrown up twice and was starting to cry when the contractions came along (turns out this was my transition)! Mike called Erin and told her we were heading to the hospital. She called the hospital to tell them we were on our way and she headed out as well. Mike frantically was packing (we had nothing ready since we thought we still had three weeks to pack) and I was frantically trying to find some clothes to wear!

In the 10 minute drive to the hospital, I had four more contractions. We parked and then from the parking lot, up the elevator to the 8th floor, and to the nurses' station, I had four more contractions! The nurses and staff were just taking their time with me and I was so anxious to be checked to see how far along I was. I had decided (in the transition stage) that if I was less than 5 cm, I was going to consider giving in for an epidural; however, if I were more than 5 cm, I was going to try and hold out. They finally got me into the triage room after weighing me, taking a urine sample, and asking a bunch of questions.

finleyRight then, Erin arrived. They put the monitors on my belly and wanted to see how my contractions were progressing. I could only lay there for a few minutes before I felt like I had to change positions, I was just too uncomfortable. I also kept feeling the extreme urge to pee but little to nothing was coming out.

Finally, a nurse came in to check me since I was so uncomfortable. She checked and to all of our surprise she said "Honey, you're fully dilated and ready to go; let's get you to a room! There's no time for medication or an epidural!" What?! I couldn't believe what I'd just heard! No wonder I was had been in such pain, I was fully dilated! I was actually so relieved that I started crying. The nurse, Erin, and Mike calmed me, got me into the wheelchair, and wheeled me on back to the room.

It was around 12:30 am that I finally was situated and ready to push. I had Mike on my left side and Erin on my right, each holding one of my legs. At one point, the nurse told me to look at the mirror and see the top of my baby's little head! It was amazing! All I saw was her dark hair but it was enough to keep me motivated! To make a long story short, I pushed for about two hours total and with about five big pushes, Finley was out! I remember saying "I did it, I did it!" and then "oh, my baby, my baby!" and Mike kissing me all over my face as the doctor held her up. She was the most amazing, beautiful baby I had ever seen and looking at her I instantly fell in love.

Daddy and daughterAll in all from the time real contractions started, it was about 9 hours. Pretty darn fast for a first baby! I was lucky in that I didn't tear either! Because her birth was so fast, they didn't have time to give me the antibiotics for Group B Strep. As it turns out, about 20 hours after she was born, Finley started breathing a little funny and having seizures so they transferred to her to the NICU at a different hospital (there isn't a NICU at the Navy hospital). It was very traumatic for Mike and I but now we are doing well and so is she! Turns out she ended up contracting the Group B Strep which lead to sepsis and meningitis. She is responding well to antiobiotics and will need to stay for treatment for 2-3 weeks. Luckily, Mike and I only live about 10 minutes from the hospital that she is at, so we've been going to almost all of the visiting hours. We are staying optimistic and enjoying every second we get to spend with her. We can't wait to bring her home but of course want to do it when she is completely healthy!

Finley is absolutely the most amazing gift and we couldn't be happier! Thank you all for reading and following me through this journey. Please send positive thoughts and prayers our way that we can bring our baby home soon!

~ Brittney

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