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Brittney's Pregnancy Journal

Week 12
~ To Show Or Not To Show

With this being my first pregnancy, I am very excited to start "showing"! Every morning I look in the mirror and try to determine whether or not my lower belly is starting to pooch out. This past week, my clothes have gotten much tighter and it feels like my lower belly is hardening. However, in all books, websites, and friends I've spoken with, most people don't start showing in their 12th week. With that said, I feel like my belly is growing but I can't figure out if it's the 4:00 pm milkshake cravings I give into every day or the fact that I have a baby growing in there! So, my question this week was where is this belly coming from and is it okay to start wearing my maternity clothes?

First off, maternity clothes. Since I am still early in my pregnancy, I have very few maternity outfits. I know that once I start wearing them and feel how comfortable and loose they are compared to my regular clothes, there is no going back until after this baby comes. Keep in mind that I work full-time so if I start wearing my maternity clothes, I can't really rotate through my limited outfits every couple of days without my coworkers and therapy students noticing! Working with pre-k and kindergartners also brings about spills and stains and I ruin shirts and pants all the time. At this point, I really don't want to take the chance of ruining the clothes I have! The other dilemma is that I don't want to buy a load of maternity clothes and then figure out in three months that I'm too big for them. On the other hand, in every day life, drinking a milkshake every afternoon would definitely cause noticeable weight gain! Not to mention my craving for Taco Bell grilled chicken burritos, York Peppermint Patties, and kalamata olives. I think that last time I actually ate Taco Bell before all of this was maybe in 1998 when I was in high school and dating a guy who lived near "The Bell" as we called it. Since then, my diet has usually been very healthy and rarely would I ever eat candy or fast food, until pregnancy of course! Again, is this just natural weight gain or am I really starting to show at 12 weeks?

So, for this next week, I've come up with a plan to healthier eating for me and my baby. I am going to limit my milkshake addiction to one day a week and give up Taco Bell. There is absolutely no nutritional value in one of those burritos and I know that I could make a much healthier version of the same thing at home and probably for less money! I also checked out the book "Skinny Bitch-Bun In the Oven" which for one is a very entertaining and hilarious read and for two gives good tips on eating well during pregnancy. I've also given in to wearing my maternity clothes and have felt much better and more comfortable. I have several friends that have just had babies recently who have generously offered to give me the maternity clothes they no longer need, so hopefully my wardrobe will become more expansive and interesting! And, I do think it is quite possible that I am beginning to show and I can't wait to see more and more of my preggy belly!

~ Brittney

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