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Week 13
~ A Third of the Way There

Week 13It's official; we've made it through the first trimester! I was thinking about what to write about this week and I thought it would be fun just to try and summarize the important events in the first trimester, although every day felt like a blessing and was amazing in its own special way.

The first four weeks: It's always strange to me that the first two weeks you are actually considered pregnant, there's absolutely nothing inside you! So officially, my first week started April 6th, also known as the first day of my last period. Mike and I were practicing the Fertility Awareness Method, which had been working great for several months. On a side note, I think it still is a wonderful program, but we just broke the rules one month! During this time, I had just finished my third marathon in 78 days, the Georgia ING in Atlanta on March 29, with my fastest marathon time to date--4 hours, 37 minutes, 54 seconds. Mike also completed his first half marathon! The next week, we visited friends in New York City for a long weekend, what fun! The next week, I completed my first sprint triathlon with Mike, the Mullet Man, in Orange Beach, Alabama on April 18. It was a tough triathlon, but we had a lot of fun! Turns out we conceived that same weekend, around April 19th or 20th. April was quite a busy month for us! It hadn't even been a full month, but for some reason I had a feeling that I might be pregnant. On May 5th, I took a home pregnancy test which came out positive and then went to the doctor for confirmation, and sure enough! That weekend, May 10th, I completed my second triathlon on Mother's Day weekend, the Danskin Women's at Disney World!

The second four weeks: I'm pregnant, now what? I still couldn't really believe I was pregnant. The only real symptoms I had were sore breasts, fatigue, and low back pain (which only lasted about a week). Two of my close friends were also pregnant but due in a few weeks. It was still fun to think that we were all pregnant at the same time! I kept waiting for morning sickness, which never really came. I had about a week of nausea but then ended up getting the flu (vomiting and diarrhea) for about four days. After that, I was perfectly normal again. I had heard so many different opinions and stories as to whether or not exercise, specifically running, was okay during pregnancy. I found many conflicted reports, but through much research and speaking with my midwife, it seemed I could keep running as long as I didn't overheat and kept my heart rate within the low range. Yahoo! We were so excited to tell everyone we knew that we were pregnant, but we wanted to tell our dads first. We broke the news to my dad on his 62nd birthday and told Mike's dad a week later when he came to visit for Mike's graduation from Embry Riddle on June 6th. After that, everyone knew! We had our first ultrasound at 9 1/2 weeks and saw our baby's sweet little heartbeat! 164 beats per minute, right on track!

The third four weeks: The cravings start now! I was trying to eat as healthy as possible and take my prenatal and fish oil vitamin every night, but man, those pregnancy cravings are endless! Ice cream, Taco Bell, kalamata olives, peppercinis, falafel, hummus, cooked sushi rolls (minus the fish egg of course), and lemonade . . . could my cravings be any more interesting? Or maybe my baby is going to be Greek! Who knows! I had a second ultrasound at 11 weeks when I saw my midwife about some medication I was discontinuing. I got to see my sweet baby again and my midwife got to verify the heartbeat. Although there wasn't much to see still, I could have sat and watched my baby for hours! And most exciting was that finally the baby bump has appeared and I have started wearing maternity clothes! It just gets better and better every day!

~ Brittney

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