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Week 15
~ Spring Cleaning or Nesting?

I feel so accomplished this week! I took on the task of organizing my closet and dresser! It all started with a friend from work throwing a "clothing exchange" party. If you've never been to one of these parties or never even heard of it, let me tell you all about it. I actually saw something about it a few weeks ago on "Good Morning America", apparently it's the new trend in NYC. Basically you tell all of your friends to go through their clothes, shoes, purses, and accessories that they don't want or need any more, get everyone together at your house, and go wild trying on and exchanging used clothing! Now, I have to say, at first I was like "okay, well it is going to be a bunch of stuff that no one wants for a reason or am I really going to come away with new clothes that I like? And, what if no one likes my clothes?". Well, you wouldn't believe the amount of clothing at this party, it was amazing! And so much fun! A few girls knew I was pregnant and brought their maternity clothing and I came away with an entire maternity wardrobe . . . I'm not kidding! You should see the amount of clothing I have! All of the clothing I brought, gone! Now, of course, not everything was taken so the host of the party took the "left overs" and donated them to a shelter. We had such a great time!

Okay, so back to my feeling of accomplishment! After coming back from the party, I had so many clothes that I at first felt overwhelmed. On Saturday, my wonderful husband took on the task of cleaning the entire house IF, and only if, I organized my new clothing and figured out what to do with my pre-pregnancy clothing. I started off by going to Target and getting three huge storage bins with lids. Then I went through my drawers first, picked out everything I could no longer wear or wouldn't be able to wear soon, and folded them up into the bins. I also found more clothing to donate, so I made a donation pile. This same thing went on with my closet. Now for the fun part--to try on all those maternity clothes, the ones from the swap party and ones given to me by other friends. Of all the clothing I was given, maybe only three things didn't fit! My husband started to go crazy after about 25 times of me coming out in a new pair of pants or a shirt and saying "isn't this cute?". He was a good sport though! Finally, after about three hours, I began to put all of my new clothes away! And about an hour and a half later, I was done! You should see my beautiful closet and dresser; it is as full as it was before, but this time it's all maternity! So, a big gigantic thank you to all the wonderful swap ladies and my girlfriends who gave me clothes!

Side note: After I wrote this entry about the clothing, I found out that a coworker's 11-month old baby girl died in her sleep on Sunday. I didn't know this woman very well and had never met her family but my heart goes out to them. I can't imagine the pain and sadness they are experiencing and just want them to know I am thinking of their family and keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

~ Brittney

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