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Week 17
~ Welcome to the Big Apple!

"New York, New York"! I left on Thursday, August 6th to take one last trip to NYC before baby comes! I have a friend that lives in Queens and since I only have a few more weeks before the new school year starts and I go back to work, I wanted to take a little vacation. Mike couldn't go with me so I was all on my own on the plane and part of the time during my visit to NYC while my friend was at work. Not that it was a problem in any sense; this was my seventh visit to NYC so I do somewhat know how to navigate the subway system and what to do and not do in the city. I just wasn't sure how being four and half months pregnant would be with flying, walking around the city in the heat, and breathing in all that smog.

Let me tell you, even though I don't feel very "big" and pregnant, travelling to a city like NYC, which never sleeps and neither do you for the most part, was more difficult than I would have thought! Now don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful time! I was there for six days and saw so much. I went to the Guggenheim, saw the Broadway show "9-5", visited a resort in New Jersey, walked on the Coney Island boardwalk (couldn't ride the famous rollercoaster though, bummer!), went to the Ground Zero museum, walked around the newly finished Highline Park, visited the Titanic Artifacts exhibit in Times Square, and was in the "Today Show" audience and got lots of facetime on the TV! I also searched for my favorite soft serve ice cream in the world, only found in NYC, Tasti D-lite! YUM! If you've never had it, go get some, it is delicious! I think baby enjoyed it too!

So, with all that fun and excitement, what were my difficulties with being pregnant and on vacation? Well first off, the flight! I hate to check bags, especially for such a short trip and because it costs $20 now! So, I did what I always do and brought a bigger size carry-on roller suitcase and a small shoulder bag. However, I didn't think about the fact that I'd have to lug that carry-on suitcase into the overhead storage! Never had a problem lifting up the suitcase before, but oh goodness, being pregnant changed that! I tried and got the worst uterine cramp, not to mention, I thought I was going to throw out my back! I had to ask for help getting it up there! Luckily, on all my flights (two each way), there was always someone willing to help.

Another problem I ran in to was getting sun burnt easier than usual. Keep in mind that I live in Florida, so I'm well aware of the sun and taking care of my skin! I put on sunscreen while we were in New Jersey but to my surprise, I still got burnt on my stomach and chest! That was it though, nowhere else! I haven't had any other problems with my skin (besides dryness) while being pregnant, so I just assumed a day in the sun with sunscreen and I'd be fine; I was wrong! I guess my skin is becoming more sensitive with pregnancy.

Now those were really my only problems I had on my travels. I came home on Tuesday night, August 11th, and was exhausted the next day, but considering I'd had a very busy visit, I wouldn't consider that a "problem". I've been very lucky and had a great pregnancy so far, so I'm sure for other people, there could have been many more difficulties. Like I said, it was a great time and I'm really glad I got to visit. I did learn though that for my next trip (Mike and I will be going home to the Northwest in September), I will be checking a bag and I need SPF 70 sunscreen!

~ Brittney

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