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Week 18
~ A Kick in the Booty!

This was my last week of summer vacation. I couldn't decide whether to try and relax (still recovering from NYC!) or be productive with my extra time! One thing I did need to get going was training for my half marathon in October. I've been running for over 14 years now, but my problem now isn't being pregnant, it's the dang heat and humidity! Living and growing up in the northwest, we never really had to worry about heat and humidity and if the forecast called for a warm day, if you woke up by 6:00 am and went out for a run, you were fine! Not the case here in Florida! It stays hot and humid 24 hours a day; I'm not kidding!

So far this summer, I've just been trying to maintain my running. I mentioned in an earlier entry that right before I got pregnant, I had just finished a streak of completing three marathons in three months (January, February, and March). I definitely have the endurance to run, but being pregnant just meant I needed to go slower, watch my heart rate, and stay out of temperatures over 85 degrees. Basically, to maintain my ability to run I've been doing about 12 miles a week. In the running world, this is barely anything, but for me and the heat and humidity, it's just enough to keep everything in working running order!

As of this week, I have nine weeks until my half marathon and haven't run further than four miles at a time all summer! So, I decided to spend the last few days of my summer vacation getting in a good run! Haha! It turns out that Sunday morning was wonderful and surprisingly, somewhat cool- high 70's with low humidity! I went to my favorite park in our area and decided to head out for a run, unsure of how far I'd go. The park has a great paved trail that equals to 4 1/2 miles round trip and the trail winds right along the water, it's beautiful! I put on my iPod and headed out, time to get my booty in gear! I ended up running five miles straight with one stop for the bathroom! Not to focus on "potty talk" but I've come to realize that I can go to the bathroom several times before heading out for a long run and the minute I start running, I will always feel the urge to go AGAIN! I probably made it a mile and a half before I had to stop for the Port-a-Potty! What is with this? I guess it's just the extra pressure on my bladder and the motion of running! Now that I think about it though, this phenomenon of having to go to the bathroom all the time doesn't occur just with running, but when I'm asleep as well! During the day at work though, I don't go as much. It's very strange! Anyhow, back to the running! It turned out to be a wonderful run, I felt great, and was glad to have spent my last day of summer break doing something healthy and active for me and my baby!

~ Brittney

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