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Week 19
~ Indigestion and Exhaustion!

Back to work this week! Fortunately, the entire week is for teacher planning and room preparation which leaves just enough time for us to be somewhat ready for when the kids start school next week. I can guarantee though I'll still be putting things away and figuring out my therapy schedule the first real week of school. I found out this year that my schedule is split between an intermediate school (grades 3-5) and a pre-k center, which means I had two rooms to organize, two schedules to arrange, and two sets of student groups to plan for! Over the summer, I worked per diem in a rehab center and worked the extended school year which was four weeks long, basically I worked part-time for two and a half months. Needless to say, this week was exhausting for me! Of course due to pregnancy, I have to have someone else move all of my furniture around for me and grab boxes and things piled up high, but somehow I was still exhausted! Thank goodness for the weekend!

Mike and I were still waiting to get a call from the radiology/ultrasound department of the hospital for our 20 week ultrasound, so I decided to call them to see what was going on. When I called, they told me that they never call anyone and that I was supposed to have called them for the appointment! I was a little angry because Mike and I are so anxious to know that the baby is healthy and to find out the sex! I know that many people don't find out the sex, but being our first baby, everything is exciting and we just didn't want to wait any longer! So, the man looking at the appointment book said, "okay, our next appointment is September 10 at 3pm, will that work?" Well no, it won't, because as it turns out, Mike and I are visiting our family back home and we leave in the morning on September 10 and don't return until the 23! He told me that was the soonest appointment he had! I was devastated! I know it sounds childish and silly to be sad about having to wait until 25 weeks to find out how our little baby is doing and if it's a boy or girl, but while we are back home (and the only time we'll be home between now and when the baby comes) my friends and family are throwing me a baby shower and wouldn't it be nice to get gender specific things instead of all green, yellow, ducks, and frogs? I think so!

To make a long story short, there was nothing the ultrasound department could do and my midwife refused to refer outside of the hospital to have the ultrasound done before we leave, so Mike and I decided to call up a few ultrasound schools and see if they needed volunteers! I've had several friends go to the ultrasound school and they really enjoyed it! I was worried that they may not take me without already having my second trimester ultrasound with my doctor, but I wanted to try anyhow to see if we could get in. I called and they said they had an appointment on Monday at 3:00 and having the ultrasound was completely on a voluntary basis so they didn't need anything from my midwife or the hospital! Of course I booked the appointment and am now counting down the days! Hallelujah! Only a few days to wait!

Besides all of the ultrasound debacle and excitement, I had the worst case of indigestion on Sunday night! I woke up at 1:00am with pain in my stomach. I almost thought maybe I was going into early labor--not good! I tried propping myself up on pillows, sleeping on my side diagonally, and taking TUMS. Nothing worked. I ended up puking twice and even that didn't relieve any pain! I was up until about 8am, I called into work and told them I was just too exhausted and in pain and needed to schedule an appointment with my midwife for some relief and get some rest before coming in! Another long story short, I ended up finally falling asleep for about an hour and a half, woke up and felt much better! I took the entire day off just to recover and get some energy back! I felt a little guilty since it was the "real" first day of school, but better to be healthy than go into work sick! Lesson learned: I will NEVER eat hot buffalo chicken wings for dinner EVER AGAIN!!

~ Brittney

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