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Week 20
~ It's a . . .

GIRL!!! Well, the technician was 95% positive it was a girl but wouldn't give us a 100% for sure because our little girl was keeping her legs pretty close together! She took a look at her two different times to determine the sex and each time she told us "looks pretty girly"! We were so excited! I just knew it was a girl. Neither one of us cared either way, but I just had this feeling! Mike for a while was certain we were having a boy so he and I made a bet and whoever won got $100 to spend on whatever they wanted (for me that would be a couple of massages and for Mike a game or two of golf)! The only other people that thought we were having a boy were my brother-in-law, Craig, my mother-in-law, Karin, and my brother's girlfriend, Leah. Everyone else we talked to thought girl!

smiley faceThe ultrasound was really cool! I couldn't believe how much our little baby has changed since we last saw her at 11 weeks! No more tadpole; she actually looks like a true baby now. Seeing the baby on the screen I instantly fell in love with her and I just can't describe the feeling I had when we did see her. It was like I looked at her and just knew that was my baby. And as silly as it sounds, I swear she has my nose! There was just no mistaking it, that was our baby on the screen! We had a pre-scan by the teacher and that's initially when she said she thought girl but would check again after the student had finished. It turns out we came on a "scan test day" for the students in which they had to find specific parts of the baby, measure them, and take pictures. They asked Mike to leave during the test so that the student would feel less nervous (if that's at all possible!). So, I got to see lots of little parts although I didn't want to ask any questions about what exactly she was looking for because I was afraid I'd throw her off or she would get nervous. I remember grad school days and being nervous with new clients! Anyhow, after the 20 minute scan test, Mike got to come back in and the teacher came back and again told us "looks girly to me!". That was convincing enough for us! We had hardly gotten back to the car before we started calling everyone! Called the Dads first (although had to leave a message for my dad since he's still working in Alaska for the summer and doesn't get good cell reception while out fishing). After the Dads, then we called other family and sent texts to our friends. Finally, after calling everyone, we went shopping for some cute girly clothes and had a celebratory dinner of sushi (cooked for me) at our favorite restaurant. Needless to say, it was a very exciting Monday!

20 weeksHmmm . . . other exciting baby news this week. We ordered a Chicco travel stroller system online and it finally arrived! Mike went to work right away putting it together and testing it out. He was really sweet practicing taking the carseat in and out of the base and stroller! On another note, I haven't had any more indigestion, so who knows. Maybe the baby just doesn't like buffalo chicken wings! I also am still waiting to really feel the baby move and Mike asks me every day, "can you feel her yet?". I still get those up high flutters, which from the ultrasound, looks like it's probably her feet kicking around. I also sometimes feel like my abdomen is "vibrating", it's very slight, but I'm pretty sure that is her moving around. I keep waiting for that definite kick though! So, I'm pretty sure this happened but it very well could have been a dream, but I woke up in the middle of the night one night this week and was sure I felt hard kicks from the baby, so I instantly pulled my tanktop up and put my hand on my belly. I was feeling the kicks on my hand, so I woke up Mike and told him the baby was moving! I grabbed his hand and put it on my stomach and swear she was still kicking! After she stopped, I asked Mike if he felt it and he said "no" and before I knew it I was back asleep and so was he. In the morning, I asked Mike if he remembered that happening or if I'd made it up and he said he didn't remember a thing about it! However, my tanktop was pulled all the way up still, so I'm convinced that I really did feel her kicking hard and Mike never really woke up when I grabbed his hand! Who knows! Guess I'll keep waiting to feel the hard kicks and I'll get Mike to feel them when I'm sure he's awake!

~ Brittney

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