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Week 21
~ Kids Say the Funniest Things?

This week overall was uneventful, especially after all of the news and excitement we had last week. However, I do have a funny story to share that occurred with one of my new students! After a few weeks of teacher planning, I finally met the kids I will be seeing for speech and language therapy. I have two schools that I serve, an intermediate school for grades 3-5 and then a pre-k center that prepares children who have delays to enter kindergarten. I have had lots of experience in the pre-k setting but this is my first year working with the older kids and I didn't really know what to expect. To get a feel for what my intermediate age kids are like, I decided that the first couple of days, we'd work on getting their "speech folders" together and just having fun. Most kids love coming to speech and their peers even get jealous if they don't have therapy, so I just wanted to make sure to keep the first few days fun and exciting!

Before I get into the actual story, keep in mind that these kids have speech and language delays and a lot of them also have pragmatic or social skills delays, so they aren't your average run of the mill kids. So, late in the afternoon after meeting several kids, I had a group of two boys come in to the room for their first day of therapy. They were excited and getting their folders decorated and one of them looks at a picture he is coloring and sort of wrinkles his eyebrows. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that it looked like one of the tall kids in the picture was making fun of one of the shorter kids. We then proceeded to discuss why people shouldn't make fun of each other. Then he says to me, as serious as can be and word for word, "do you get made fun of because you're fat?" I didn't know what to say or whether or not to laugh or frown! I decided right then that I better tell them why I'm fat! Ha ha! So, I told them "well, I'm going to have a baby, I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant." The kids look at me and said "oh . . . okay" and that was the end of it!

Fast forward to the next day, it's the morning and the kids are waiting in the hallway for the bell to ring to go into class. I see the two boys and the one kid asks "hey, did your baby come out yet"? It was the perfect opportunity for some social cues therapy, so I put on hand on my belly and said "well, what do you think?" He looks me up and down and responds "no, it's still big!" Ha ha ha!! Overall I thought the story was very funny and of course I told all of the other teachers about it and they had similar stories to share from other students. I guess you never really know what kids are going to say, but I do know that we will be focusing on refining those social cues and pragmatic skills this year!

~ Brittney

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