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Week 22
~ Two Showers in One Week!

This week was very exciting! Mike and I flew home to the Northwest to visit family and friends and to essentially have our big "family wedding." We were married officially on February 16, 2008 but it was a small, private ceremony with only the two of us and the preacher. We wanted to have a chance to renew our vows and celebrate a year and a half of marriage with the people closest to us. We had been planning this trip and second "wedding" for over a year and it was finally here! I never wore a wedding dress for our official wedding but I had one this time. At my last fitting a week ago, the dress fit perfectly (it's a perfect pregnant dress, empire waist and all) but I am nervous about whether or not it will fit next week for the vows renewal, stay posted!

Anyhow, we packed up our things and flew out to Portland, Oregon on September 10th. I couldn't wait to get out of the heat and humidity and get some fresh northwest air and scenery! This trip I was smart and only took a small, light weight carry-on bag and checked everything else! Flight was uneventful except that baby kept jumping on my bladder! It was the strangest feeling, kind of a yucky feeling too! She was at it for about 15 minutes and then quieted down once the plane took off, whew! I also have been having heartburn again this week every time I eat, so I was sure to pack the TUMS. I don't know what it is about flying, but immediately I had to chow down on those suckers!

We arrived safe and sound that evening. We haven't seen any family or friends since my pregnant belly has grown, so it was fun to see people and have everyone feel my belly. I'm not one of those people that is bothered by people touching my belly either, I actually find it very relaxing! Too bad baby wouldn't kick for anyone! I also finally got to meet my best friend, Jenn's, 4-month-old daughter, Olivia. Jenn and I are certain our girls will be best friends, only 8 months apart in age!

Cow QuiltOn Saturday afternoon, my best girlfriends (Jenn, Christine, and Kristen) threw me a belated bridal shower and a baby shower at a local coffee shop in town. It was wonderful to get all of the ladies together and I was given great gifts for little Finley! We revealed our name to everyone, Finley Rebecca, and it's fun to hear people refer to her by her name! Makes it feel all the more real. At the showers, not only did I get bridal gifts but I also got lots of baby gifts. It was better than any birthday or holiday I can remember! And let me just say, baby girl things are just so cute! I think the biggest surprise gift was a cow quilt Kristen made for Finley and I never even knew she could sew! She also made us a baby shower website where family and friends can bet on the date Finley will be born, play games, and keep up to date with everything.

After the showers, the girls then took me out for a belated bachelorette party! They gave me a cute black maternity shirt with "bride" written in rhinestones on the front. We went to The Greek Cuisina for dinner and to watch the "show" in which all those celebrating (including myself of course) go out in front of everyone and dance, break plates on the floor, and take shots (juice for me!). After the dinner, we headed to a local comedy club and got in some great laughs! I was our designated driver for the night so after the comedy show ended, we loaded up all the girls into Jenn's minivan and headed back home. I didn't actually get home until about 3:00am! It's been years since I've stayed out that late and add being pregnant on top of it, I was exhausted!! But, it was well worth the lack of sleep and who knows how many years it will be until I can do it again!

~ Brittney

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