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Week 25
~ A Big Sigh of Relief!

This week couldn't have started off any better than us getting the news on Tuesday that all tests for pre-eclampsia had come back negative! Phew! When I went in to see my midwife, I made sure to leave plenty of time so that I wouldn't feel stressed and when they took my blood pressure reading, it was 125/81, hallelujah! My midwife also told me that apparently my bladder symptoms were actually a yeast infection! I've never had one before so how was I supposed to know, but she also mentioned that I didn't have the "usual" symptoms. Anyhow, glad everything is feeling good now!

I'm not totally in the clear though; she told me that my 24 hour urine test, which I had just turned in the day before, had come back with a reading of 120, which means traces of protein and I shouldn't have that, although sometimes pregnant women will. If it gets over 300, then you are considered pre-eclamptic and would go on complete bed rest! She said as of now, I'm fine but that she wanted to re-test everything in three weeks when I am 28 weeks, and see what those tests say. A big sigh of relief!! She also told me that until we really know how my blood pressure is doing in a few weeks, I need to stop running! As I've mentioned in past entries, I've been training for a half marathon and this weekend was going to be it! Oh well, no 13.1 miles for me . . . we'll just relax and maybe get a massage instead! Again, whatever is best for me and baby!

I also had my technical doctor ultrasound on Monday afternoon. They took measurements and pictures of all parts of her little body; it was so interesting to see! She was moving around like crazy and I kid you not, the tech focused in on her little hands and she was waving at us! I know, probably all parents say their baby waved at them in the womb, haha! But really, she was moving that little hand back and forth! Another good heart beat reading at 130! The tech couldn't tell us if everything looked "normal" but after all pictures were taken, she said she was measuring right at 25 weeks (which I was exactly) and was in the 58th percentile for growth! More good news! The next day when I saw my midwife for all of the testing results, she told me that baby looked good! Apparently baby wasn't cooperating for a good picture of her heart or umbilical cord insertion, so we have to go back next week for another ultrasound to get those pictures. Not a problem, I love seeing her!

Now that all of the pre-eclampsia stuff is on the back burner for now, I had another interesting medical issue. My mucous started to get a pinkish tint to it with a few teeny tiny red flakes. I didn't think it was serious but I called the OB-GYN nursing triage line just to ask. They told me I could come in if I wanted to but that everything sounded okay and that it was probably just a little left over inflammation of my cervix from the yeast infection. She said if it didn't go away after 24 hours, got worse, or I started cramping that I should come in right away to get everything checked out. What do you know . . . next day, still there! I didn't want to miss another day of work and I just knew that it wasn't going to be something urgent, so I waited until I got off work to be checked out. We had to go to the Labor and Delivery floor of the hospital since it was after hours. Again, everything with Miss Finley looked great but after ANOTHER vaginal exam, turns out I have bacterial vaginosis which was making my cervix really irritated. Wonderful! The on-call doctor explained that it was probably due to all of the medication I'd just finished that killed off the good and bad bacteria down there, causing an overgrowth of the bad stuff--in all, one medication lead to another. So, I'm starting another round of antibiotics to kill this off. Hopefully this is the last of it! Fingers crossed!

One thing I forgot to mention last week was that Mike finally felt the baby move! It was last Thursday night, after all of the chaos, testing, and stress. I'd gone to get a massage and when I came back Mike and I were laying in bed and he put his hand on my right side and sure enough she kicked him! He started laughing and then felt her a couple of more times! I was really glad he finally got to feel her; he's been trying for the last month or two!

~ Brittney

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