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Week 26
~ Sorry Honey!

I finally decided to put away my wedding ring until after January! Sorry Honey, my fingers are just a little too swollen for me to comfortably wear my ring anymore. To me, if you look at them, they don't really seem that much bigger but according to my ring, they are! Luckily, we bought an additional smaller band with diamonds in it for me to wear once baby is born so that I don't scratch her with my wedding ring and for now, I can still wear that one!

I've also been contemplating whether or not I should get the H1N1 flu shot. In the past I have never even gotten a flu shot, but my midwife advised it at my appointment last week so I did get the regular seasonal flu shot. The H1N1 shot won't be available until November and although my midwife advises getting it, I'm just not sure. I wouldn't even consider getting it if I didn't work at a school where tons of staff and students are coming down with H1N1! Each week I have at least one student out who has it! I've been making the kids sanitize their hands every time they come in for therapy and I wash my hands and Lysol everything, but still! I can't help kids coughing or sneezing in my face, yuck! I guess I have to research it more. I always hear these stories every year about how someone I know gets their flu shot and ends up getting sick from it! Not what I want, especially for H1N1. Hopefully I can at least continue to keep myself healthy with precautions and prenatal vitamins until I either decide to get the vaccine or baby comes!

We had another ultrasound on Wednesday afternoon to get the last three pictures of the baby that the doctor wanted; however, again, she would not cooperate! She was moving around and kicking the ultrasound wand, but she had her back to us so the tech couldn't get a good picture of her umbilical cord insertion or a profile picture. She did manage to get a great picture of the chambers of her heart! We tried walking around twice to get the baby to move, but she was stubborn and wasn't budging. So, we have to go in AGAIN next week to try for those last two pictures! She seemed to be doing good though, heart beating at around 142! I'm feeling her move all the time now; it's wonderful! Every night Mike puts his hands on my belly in hopes of feeling her kick and usually she will!

I'm starting to feel the need to get the baby's room organized, so I went through all of her clothing and separated by size and washed everything. Mike and I went and bought a dresser to match her crib and it came on Saturday so I began filling it up! It's amazing how many clothes and how many baby things we have already! We also ordered a changing table to match the crib, but that hasn't arrived yet. We are using our old spare bedroom now as the baby's room and what was once our "cat" room is now spare bedroom/cat room. Eventually we'll have to move a bunch of stuff out of the closet in the baby's room to make room for all of her other essentials! That will be a major chore! I have nothing to complain about though; we have been given some wonderful things for the baby and I know we'll be getting more soon! Which reminds me, I finally wrote out all of my thank-you cards for my bridal/baby shower I had while Mike and I were back home in the Northwest! I wanted to get them done before my next baby shower, hosted by a lady I work with. In a few weeks, I'll have another round of "thank-yous" to write! I'm just so thankful for everyone's excitement in the pending arrival of our little girl!

~ Brittney

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