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Week 27
~ Mommy's Getting Crafty

hairclipsI put my craft skills to work this week! I've been eyeing those infant headbands with big flowers or bows and rather than paying $15 or more for one, I've decided that I could probably make them. I found a great website that explains how to do the basics, such as covering alligator clips with grosgrain ribbon for baby hairclips. From there, you get even more crafty and after you covered the alligator clips, you can attach big flowers or bows and then attach those to the headbands. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I was proud of the alligator clips I have covered so far, they turned out really cute! I'm starting small and soon I'll be testing out my skills with the big stuff!

I had an interesting week at work. First off, my school district has decided to vaccinate all of the children in the county with the H1N1 nasal mist. They are starting first with pre-k and as I've mentioned in the past, one of the two schools I work at is a pre-k center. As I was leaving Wednesday afternoon, our school nurse came up to me and told me they would be vaccinating all of the kids the next morning and that I couldn't be on campus because I'm pregnant! According to the Department of Health, when someone is given the live H1N1 mist vaccine, their body "sheds" (yes, that was the word they used!) itself of the virus through skin for 7.6 days and possibly longer in children. There have been reported cases in a childcare setting where a child vaccinated with the H1N1 mist transmitted the virus to another person, therefore, my school, district administrators, and the Department of Health advised that I not work the rest of this week or all of next week! I can't return to my pre-k school until Monday, October 26! I let my supervisor know and of course she understood. The other speech therapist I work with at my intermediate school graciously offered to fill-in for me at my pre-k center on the two mornings and one full day I am there during the week and in return, I'd see her kids at the intermediate school while she is subbing for me! Who would have thought the H1N1 mist vaccine was going to cause such an uproar?!

profileBesides the H1N1 vaccine fiasco, I had a teacher assistant at work tell me I get bigger and bigger every time she sees me. Well, I just smiled and said "Yep, I'm seven months now!" Then she proceeded to tell me that I was really big for seven months and asked if I had gestational diabetes and if that was why I was so big?! Are you kidding me? I don't understand why people think every pregnant woman has to be a certain size and why in the heck people feel obliged to give their opinion about everything- especially the size of your pregnant belly! I am definitely growing, but I don't feel THAT big! I will admit though, Mike and I met with my friend, Mary, who does photography as a hobby at the beach on Friday evening to take some pregnancy pictures. She hasn't given us copies yet, but she did show us a couple of pictures on her digital camera screen of what she had taken and they were really cute but I was amazed at how much bigger my belly looks than I had thought! Still though, I'm seven months pregnant; aren't I supposed to be big?

On a better note, we had another ultrasound on Wednesday afternoon. I prepared this time by drinking a large glass of chocolate soy milk in hopes that the sugar and caffeine from the chocolate would help get baby moving for a good position for the last two ultrasound pictures we needed. It worked! Baby Finley was in a great position and the ultrasound technician was able to get a great profile picture and umbilical cord insertion, whoohoo! Because it had been two weeks since the official "measurements" were taken, the tech also had to re-measure everything. Finley's still growing right on target, measuring at about 27 weeks and 3 days, weighing 2 lbs. and 7 oz. approximately, and had a heart rate reading of 125! Our baby girl is doing great!

~ Brittney

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