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Week 28
~ Third Trimester Already?!

Seriously? I'm already into my third trimester? I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! Only three more months and our little girl will be here! I was starting to feel the pressure and realized that Mike and I needed to get on it for attending birthing classes and hiring a doula. We want to use a doula for two main reasons: 1) we have no family in this area and we have no idea what we are doing so it will be nice to have another "woman" in the room to help, and 2) with a doula, you are more likely to have a natural birth and that's what we want! So, first off I signed us up for an all day birthing class and tour at the hospital that we'll be having the baby at and an evening breastfeeding class.

I also had a list of doulas in the area and emailed several. About six responded and there was one in particular that I really liked just based on her experience and personality through email. We set up an interview for Thursday night and after talking with her for about 15 minutes, I just knew she was the perfect match for us! She does the usual doula duties but also is a Bradley Method (birthing naturally) instructor and as part of her doula fee, we could attend her 12 week Bradley class! She also takes pictures during the labor and birth and writes a narrative for us about the birth! Besides that, she's not so strict on when I can and cannot contact her. She said basically anytime I need her, I can call or email. So after we talked with her for about an hour and a half, and Mike and I both were excited and knew we wanted to hire her! So, I called her before she'd even gotten home from leaving our house and asked if she'd be our doula and she said yes! Why interview anyone else when we know she is the one? On Sunday we met with her briefly again to sign our contract, pay her, and she gave us our Bradley books and class workbook. I'm so excited to get started and Mike must be too because he is already on Chapter 8 of one of the books!

This week was also full of medical "stuff"- once again! I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday morning. My blood pressure was good at 126/87, phew! My midwife reported that the last two ultrasound pictures looked great, so Finley seems to be developing well and her heart rate was 135. She also told me that now I should be doing "kick counts". I know it is different with every doctor, but she said to pick a time when the baby is most active (which for us is when I lay on my side at night when going to bed) and see how long it takes for ten kicks. Typically it should be ten kicks within one to two hours. Well our little girl is quite the active baby; it takes about 15-20 minutes to get our ten kicks! She also started doing longer "flutter" kicking and I can actually see her moving and kicking when I look at my belly!

I also had to have my glucose tolerance test right after my doctor's appointment. I've heard about how nasty and awful the glucose drink is, but in all honesty, I didn't think it was bad at all! I felt like I was drinking a Sunkist orange soda! An hour after I finished the drink, they took a blood sample. Two days later I got a call from a nurse telling me that my glucose levels were slightly elevated and that I need to have a more extensive 3-hour glucose test sometime next week! Oh wonderful, I thought! This other test entails a special diet for three days prior and then fasting the night before. The next morning, you go in first thing, have your blood drawn, drink the glucose drink, and then have your blood drawn every hour thereafter for three hours! We have a planning day for teachers (kids have the day off) on Monday of next week so since I'll have to miss the morning at work, I thought I'd better start my special diet on Friday so that I could have the three hour glucose test on Monday morning. Now, when I think of diet, I think less sugar and healthier food . . . well, not for this one! The special diet is actually adding two additional carbohydrates into your normal diet. It's not just any carbohydrates; they have two lists with four items each. Every day you pick one item from each list to add into your diet. One list is more starchy items like bread and rice and the other is fruit. The easiest for me was eating two extra slices of bread and two extra bananas per day. Adding just that little amount of food made me feel really full! So, we'll see what the results of the three hour glucose test are next week! Fingers crossed for good news!

Last medical issue of the week was that I have to do another 24-hour urine collection! Because of the blood pressure issues I had about three weeks ago, my doctor wanted to recheck to make sure everything was still okay. So, once again, I spent all Sunday carrying around my pee jug! Fingers crossed for good news on that test as well!

On a more fun note, Mike celebrated his 30th birthday on Wednesday! I made pumpkin cream cheese muffins, decorated the living room, and took him out to dinner. His big birthday present, which was actually a present to both of us, was a Nikon D5000 camera! It's really nice and will be great for when Finley gets here!

HalloweenWe also did a Halloween 10k (6.2 mile) race, Running Scared in Orange Beach, Alabama, on Saturday. We dressed as a pregnant nun and priest! It was really fun and although it took us an hour and forty-five minutes to walk 6.2 miles, we had a good time! The 10k race was two loops and I almost thought I'd have to cut my race short to a 5k instead of a 10k because I started to cramp on one side, but Mike and my friend, Amy, (who is 16 weeks pregnant) stayed with me and I decided to keep going at the start of the second loop and try and finish the 10k. About 10 minutes into the second loop, my cramping went away and I felt great! My fingers were swollen like sausages but I'm glad I went the entire way! Turns out, Mike and I both came in 3rd place for our age group! It was a small race, but hey, third place is third place!

Stay tuned (once again) for test results! Have a great week!

~ Brittney

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