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Week 29
~ No News Is Good News!

Monday morning started off with me heading to the lab at 7:00am for my three-glucose tolerance test. First off I had to provide a fasting blood sample and since I hadn't had anything to eat since dinner on Sunday evening, my veins were difficult for the technician to find. He poked and prodded in my right arm (I couldn't look or I would have probably fainted!) but eventually after about five minutes, he was able to get what he needed and I was cleared to officially start the three-hour test! Because this was a more extensive test than the regular one hour tolerance test, the orange drink had a higher concentration of glucose and was much more sugary than the previous. It was still tolerable but I could definitely tell the difference! Now time to wait! After about 15 minutes, I started to feel somewhat light headed and had to drink some water. Besides that, it was just a very long morning of waiting and getting blood drawn! For the second blood sample, the technician tried my left arm (since my right was already bruising) and again poked and prodded around but finally got it. On the third and forth, they finally got smart and went for my hand. It was so easy, I wondered why they hadn't just done that in the first place?

Now time to play the real waiting game for the test results! I figured if anything were wrong or my levels were high, I would hear right away. On Friday, I just couldn't wait any longer and wasn't willing to bet on "no news is good news," so I called the nursing desk. As it turns out, my midwife was out of town but the nurse reported that from what she could see, all my glucose levels at each interval were well within the normal range! The nurse said she couldn't technically say that everything was fine, but from what she could tell, I didn't need to worry! Hallelujah!! I have appointment next Friday with my midwife, so I guess I will officially find out then and I will also find out the results of my 24-hour urine collection analysis--again, I'm assuming no news is good news with that as well.

Over the weekend, I decided to organize Finley's nursery. I spent almost all day of Halloween washing, folding, and arranging baby things! Mike helped by putting together the changing table, moving furniture, and hanging the light-blocking drapes. The theme for the nursery is the Cocalo Sugar Plum which is mostly pink, green, and purple butterflies. We didn't want it to be too girlie, so we decided to accentuate the green of the nursery set and chocolate brown of the wood on the crib, changing table, and dresser. It turned out really cute!

Lastly for this week, I have some advice to moms-to-be! First off, if you ever get a massage while pregnant, ask if they have a "Preggo Pillow." I have been getting massages regularly since baby loves to sit and kick my right lower back/butt area and it is sore now all the time! I go to the same place but haven't had the same person and on Saturday morning I went in for a massage and the lady asked if I liked the "Preggo Pillow." I had never tried it, but let me tell you, it was wonderful and I'll be requesting it from now on! It also gave me a chance to "lie" on my stomach, which as you know, never happens anymore, so that was a nice change!

Secondly, any woman wanting to make informed decisions and have control over the labor and birth of her baby should read The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer. In my opinion it is very objective and informative. I finished reading it during my three hour wait at the lab on Monday morning and thought it was very insightful. It goes hand in hand with "The Bradley Method" recommendations, so I'm glad I've read it before we start our class in a couple of weeks.

I've included a few beach pictures my friend took of Mike and me about three weeks ago and a picture of our cute Ori-Pei puppy, Nola, in her Mardi Gras jester costume for Halloween!

Have a great week!
~ Brittney

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