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Week 31
~ Nausea & Morning Sickness, Is that You?

Week 31Turns out that Hurricane Ida was the storm that wasn't. I had to work on Monday but that afternoon, they cancelled school for Tuesday due to the storm. Ida had been downgraded from a level 2 hurricane to a tropical storm, but in all honesty, we've had thunderstorms that were worse than Ida! I can't complain though; I enjoyed having Tuesday off and Wednesday as well for Veteran's Day. I wish more work weeks could be like this one!

We had our first Bradley class on Tuesday night. There's only one other couple which is nice, although, they are only 12 weeks pregnant. The topic of the class was exercise and preparing your body for natural childbirth. I had been practicing every night already, but it was nice to know that I had been doing the exercises correctly based on what I'd read. At the end of the class, we had a relaxation practice in which we laid on our sides, propped on pillows, with hubbies supporting us from behind. Although I was comfortable, I found it very hard to relax because the minute I laid down, Finley started her dance routine! It's very hard to relax when someone is kicking you!

So, I thought I'd dodged the nausea and morning sickness associated with pregnancy . . . I was wrong! Every time after I eat now, I feel like I'm going to be sick and overall I just don't feel comfortable. At first I thought it was heartburn but I looked it up online and there were several articles about how women often experience nausea in the third trimester due to pressure on the stomach from the uterus. In all honesty, I actually felt a sense of relief when I read that; I was starting to think my body was going crazy! I haven't actually gotten sick yet, but I definitely don't feel good after eating and have lost my appetite somewhat, although my newest cravings are pumpkin flavored anything (cream cheese, bagels, decaf lattes, ice cream) and rootbeer!

Now Mike might disagree, but I haven't noticed huge emotional changes in myself until recently. It's sort of a black and white phenomenon. One second I'll be mad or upset about something and then within seconds I am happy and laughing again or vice versa. It's very strange! And the range of emotion that I experience is extreme, either I'm really upset and mad or I can't stop laughing! I know what you're thinking, poor Mike! Haha! I am lucky he's very understanding though!

Other than that, the week has been pretty uneventful. I did find out that my school district is experiencing a "higher than normal" incidence of Fifth Disease and was alerted by our school nurse to be extra cautious (like I'm not already with H1N1 still going around!). What is Fifth Disease? Apparently, it's a viral disease that is associated with a red rash on the face (which is described as looking like "slapped cheeks"), sometimes accompanied by fever and joint pain, and is most common in elementary age children. However, it is harmful to pregnant women because if a pregnant woman becomes infected with the virus, it can cause a dangerous form of anemia in the unborn baby which can then lead to heart failure! Scary! However, I did read that it is most harmful in the first twenty weeks of pregnancy and about 50% of people are immune to the disease! I guess all I can do is continue to stay healthy by sanitizing everything, taking my prenatals, and getting plenty of rest! My motto: "Stay healthy, stay healthy, stay healthy!"

~ Brittney

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