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Week 32
~ All About the Breasts!

After much debate, I did it. I got the H1N1 vaccine shot on Wednesday morning. My pre-k school was giving the booster mist vaccine to all of the students that morning and they offered to give me the shot if I wanted it, so I decided I should go for it. Turns out though they only had the shot with preservatives, so they told me to drive over to the Health Department (just a few miles down the road) and walk-in for the vaccine without preservatives. All I imagined were long lines and a very long wait, but I decided to head over there anyway. I walked right in the door and waited about five minutes before I was taken back! The vaccine was easy and fast, in fact I wouldn't even have known the nurse had given it to me if she hadn't told me! Apparently it takes about two weeks until I am fully protected, so I'll keep my strict sanitizing and cleaning regimen up (although I would have anyhow). I keep debating my decision to get it, but overall I think it was a wise decision to get vaccinated and hopefully there will be no side effects for myself or Finley.

Mike and I attended a 3-hour breastfeeding class at the Navy Hospital on Thursday evening. Although I know I will have lots of support from my friends in the area and our doula, I still wanted to have some sort of idea of how to breastfeed. There were only two other husbands in the class (out of about 20 people) but I was really glad Mike agreed to come with me and I think he was glad he was there too! The class was taught by the hospital lactation consultant and she had lots of advice and knowledge to give. One concern of mine was that I might have trouble breastfeeding since my breasts have not grown one bit since I've been pregnant! She told us that I should be fine and most growth occurs two weeks post delivery, size has nothing to do with it! The lactation consultant also discussed how to prepare yourself for breastfeeding and one thing was to do a "pinch test." You do this to see how far your nipple will protrude and if it goes out at least 1/2 inch, you are fine (mine did not protrude at all). If not though, you can wear "nipple shells" about a month before baby's due date. They are hard to describe but somehow these little suckers are supposed to help get your nipples to protrude out far enough for successful breastfeeding. I still have a few weeks before I'll need to start wearing them, so who knows but I'll give it a try!

The breastfeeding class got Mike and I all "pumped" up for breastfeeding, haha! We went out and bought a Medela Pump In Style breast pump and all the accessories we need including storage bags, breast pads, and lanolin cream for when I go back to work after Finley is born. It definitely cost a pretty penny but as far as breastfeeding goes, we are as prepared as we can be! I've also set a personal goal and New Year's resolution (I know, it's early) to breastfeed Finley for at least one full year!

Besides our breastfeeding class, we also had our regular Bradley class on Saturday. We combined two classes in one since next week is Thanksgiving. The topics we discussed were nutrition (the high protein diet I've read about and discussed before) and general pregnancy and gestation. The past few days I've been neglecting doing the Bradley exercises before bed just because I've been so darn tired. However, I'm making it a priority this coming week since I'll have the whole week off for Thanksgiving Break!

Hope you all had a great week and enjoy Thanksgiving next week with your family!

~ Brittney

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