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Week 33
~ Oklahoma Babymoon!

ThanksgivingOklahoma, here we come! Mike and I spent the week of Thanksgiving in Edmond, Oklahoma with Mike's brother, Craig, and his girlfriend, Elizabeth. It was our first "grown-up" Thanksgiving in which we "kids" did all the planning and cooking - no moms, dads, aunts, uncles, or grandparents to help! The dinner was delicious and it was fun to spend the holiday together!

Mike and I took our time getting to Oklahoma. We left on Monday and stopped for the night in Dallas. We got up early the next morning, visited the JFK assassination location and museum, and arrived in Edmond in the afternoon. We were so excited to see Craig and Elizabeth (not to mention the dogs, Nola (ours) and Chewy, being excited to see each other too)! While in Oklahoma we visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and museum, Myriad Gardens, and Bricktown. We left to head back home to Florida on Saturday and this time took a different route home, through Memphis. We stayed the night there and in the morning toured Graceland, long live Elvis!

During our trip, we made sure to stop every couple of hours so I could use the restroom and walk around a bit to prevent blood clots. Even though I was just sitting in the car, my ankles were really swollen and at one point I wasn't sure if I could get my ring off of my finger or not (I was able to, thankfully!). I was surprised that just sitting would do that! Although my swelling was more noticeable during the trip, I didn't really have any heartburn! I was amazed! I don't know why that would happen, considering we were eating out a lot and on the road, but it was better than it's been in a long time! However, I am noticing that it's becoming harder to breathe now, move around, put on my shoes, and just to get comfortable overall. Also, my heart palpitations seem to be occurring a little more frequently, which I'll mention at my appointment after we get back. Another problem I'm having is sleeping at night, not only because I need to go to the bathroom but also because my right sciatic area is starting to hurt more and more, especially after I've been lying down a while. Not that I'm here to complain about all of my pregnancy ailments; I guess it's just finally starting to catch up with me!

I was really glad we were able to visit Craig and Elizabeth and they seemed happy to have us there as well! I was exhausted from our busy week of traveling and sightseeing, but it was a great last vacation before baby comes, or "Babymoon" as I've heard it referred to! I can guarantee though, we will not be making any more major trips for the next several months!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

~ Brittney

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