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Week 34
~ Now Just Relax!

Here we go again! I had an appointment with my midwife on Tuesday morning and after a week of traveling and eating out, what do you know? My blood pressure was up at 133/91 when I first arrived for my appointment. The assistant decided to do a manual check and it was down a bit to 131/86, in the normal range. However, when I saw my midwife, she was a little worried and wanted me to be monitored in Labor and Delivery to see how the baby was doing and what my blood pressure did over the next hour.

So, first I had to run to the lab to get blood drawn (for what reason, I don't know) and provide a urine sample. I was also given the items for another 24 hour urine collection and was told to start the collection immediately. Initially, Mike hadn't been at my appointment with me because as I figured, it would just be a quick "hi, how are you?" appointment and I'd be heading to work. Well, I called him and told him what was going on (remaining calm the entire time which was much better than the last time this all happened) and he met me in the hallway and we then headed up to Labor and Delivery for the monitoring and non-stress test. We were put in a triage room and I was "hooked up." Our nurse was wonderful, funny, and explained everything that he was doing, which put me at ease and probably helped my blood pressure return to normal because on the first reading, it was at 116/76! Talk about relaxed and calm! From that point on, my blood pressure continued to be in that range, whew! My midwife was a little perplexed but glad! Guess I must just have "White Coat Syndrome," my blood pressure rises immediately upon entering the clinic!

Besides the blood pressure being monitored, I also had monitors on my belly to assess the baby's heart beat and to see if I was having contractions. Baby's heart beat was great, ranging from 125-155. Apparently though, I was having regular contractions! What in the world? I've been waiting and waiting to feel Braxton-Hicks contractions and so far, haven't really felt anything that I thought they could be. On the monitor, the contractions were measuring at about 30-35, which at first meant nothing to me. The nurse explained that at rest, it will measure around 10 and when in real labor, it measures up between 70-80! So, by no means were mine strong, but it was just interesting that I was even having them. Because of that, my midwife decided to do a pelvic exam and see if I was dilated any. Everything in "that area" checked out normal and I was dilated just a teeny bit, about a tip of a finger. Baby surely wouldn't be making her grand entrance that day! They also took measures of the amniotic fluid using ultrasound and mine was measuring normal at an 11 (apparently 5-20 is in the normal range). So everything with the baby looked great!

Although my blood pressure was now fine, my midwife did alert me that from my urinalysis in the lab, I had a UTI starting, ugh! So, another round of antibiotics! I had also complained about my palpitations occurring a little more frequently and heartburn, so she also prescribed Zantac. Now, if you know how I am, I rarely take medication and haven't hardly taken any during my pregnancy (except for the infections I had a few months ago). I was disappointed I had to take more medication, but I was assured I needed it. Lastly, my midwife also gave me a referral to cardiology for an echocardiogram and a referral to have a nutrition consult because I have now gained 50 lbs., yikes! Keep in mind, this was only a few days post Thanksgiving and traveling! Don't we all at least gain a little more weight than typical after Thanksgiving? Excuses, excuses, I know! We'll see what the nutritionist says!

Onto a happier, fun note about this week, I purchased a Snoogle maternity pillow and now am sleeping better than I have in a while! It's like a big, long pillow that wraps around your entire body. It works better than a regular body pillow because it provides neck, back, and leg support all at the same time and in one pillow instead of three or four like I was using! I highly recommend it to any pregnant women! It is pricey, but well worth every penny. I also shopped to my heart's content at the popular mom-to-mom consignment sale. I was able to get several last minute things we need for Finley for a great price, including a three-way swing, an exersaucer/bouncer, a jumperoo, a great monitor, some books, and lots of fun girl clothing and headbands! After that sale, I think there is very little we still need although I'm sure there's a few things we'll discover we've forgotten once Finley is born!

Last but not least, I have to mention how wonderful Mike has been this week! First off, he's been massaging my back and feet every night which I couldn't be more happy about! I was also complaining about how I needed to repaint my toenails but couldn't reach them anymore. So what did my hubby do? He did his best and painted my toenails a fabulous shade of Christmas red! We also had our Bradley class and the topic was all about "the coach". I've been impressed with how much effort Mike is putting into all the classes and being on board. Our doula gave the husbands a 25 lb. backpack full of sand for them to wear on their front side to essentially "feel what it's like" to be pregnant! Haha! Now, I don't think any man will every truly know what it's like to be pregnant but I'm sure even a backpack full of sand could conjure up some sympathy!

Again, stay posted for test results and have a great week!
~ Brittney

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