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Week 35
~ I Have a Healthy Heart!

Bookclub baby giftI'm now officially on weekly appointments with my midwife; I can't believe we are that close to meeting our little girl! Early on Wednesday morning I had my echocardiogram and EKG and everything looked normal and healthy, big relief! The tech even said that a lot of people have what they call a "leaky valve" and he couldn't even find that on me. The cardiologist explained that my palpitations are just PVCs (pre-ventricular contractions) in which a rebel heart cell decides to beat "off rhythm" for one reason or another; however, it is not harmful or worrisome, especially since I don't have any related side effects (such as dizziness, fainting, nausea, etc.). I'm really glad my midwife wrote the order and had it checked out though, especially with how my mom passed away suddenly from cardiac arrhythmia at age 46; no wonder these PVCs make me nervous! The cardiologist assured me that PVCs are nothing to worry about and I am at no more of a risk for heart problems than any other average person. She did mention that she wanted me to wear a Holter monitor for 24 hours so she could see just how frequently I am experiencing the PVCs. If people get them a lot (like every other beat) or they really interfere with functioning (because they are so annoying), you can be put on medication. I don't think mine are that bad but it's worth checking out.

After the cardiology appointment, I had my regular appointment with my midwife. She reported that my 24 hour urinalysis checked out normal, which I expected. She suggested that I continue taking my Zantac since it seems to have really helped my heartburn (which I will do), and said that everything with baby looked great: heart rate in the 130s and she's head down (whoohoo!). She is starting to move less and her movements aren't as "quick" or strong, but of course, she's running out of room! I'm still getting at least 10 kicks in an hour when she's really active. Recently, I've been having bladder area soreness so I asked if my midwife would do a pelvic exam and turns out, everything is just fine, so baby must just be getting into position! I also had developed a rash on my stomach and I asked about it. Turns out it is the new tummy butter I bought which is the same brand as the lotion I was using. I thought that changing to something more hydrating (like the tummy butter) since I am really getting big would be good (and would continue to keep those stretch marks away, I haven't gotten any yet!). No ma'am, I was wrong! Once I went back to the lotion, my belly returned to normal so I guess it's just not the time to change products!

Besides doctor visits, Mike and I did a lot this week to get ready for our sweet girl. Mike downloaded a bunch of Enya songs for me (I find these really comforting and relaxing and it was the first thing I thought of "music-wise" for while I'm in labor). Our doula, Erin, also recommended we bring our own receiving blankets to the hospital and before Finley is born, Mike should sleep with them and get his scent on them so that baby will recognize (or at least get used to) his scent right away instead of what the hospital smells like. So, Mike has been sleeping with four of her little baby blankets every night, getting them ready! Also, on Wednesday, since we were already at the hospital for my appointments, we went up to Labor and Delivery and took a tour. We also filled out our admittance paperwork so we don't have to worry about it while I'm in labor and arriving at the hospital! We had our Bradley class and it is all about stage one labor and how to relax, deal with discomfort, and basically make it until you at ready to start pushing. Mike and I made a birth plan which is only one page and just has bullet points of what we hope for and wish to avoid. I included what we would desire if we had to have a C-section and/or if our baby was sick, but that will be printed on the backside of the birth plan so that it is there if we need it but not right out there like everything on the first page if all goes normal. All this talk about labor and the birth is making me excited, I just want to do it already! Baby Finley will come when she is ready!

I've included a picture of the sweet gifts my friends from my book club gave me for Finley this past Saturday, a playmat blanket and a cute onesies with a ruffle butt (I love the ruffles!). Little girls are just too much fun to buy for!

~ Brittney

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