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Week 36
~ Getting Closer!

It was a very busy week for me! First off, it was the last week of work for me and so I had to pack up all my therapy supplies from both schools and load up my car. I also prepared everything for the person that will be taking over my position. My sweet friends at the intermediate school threw me a surprise baby shower on Thursday afternoon. I was expecting to go to a Christmas party and when Mike and I walked in, everyone yelled "surprise!". It was wonderful! We got lots more diapers and sweet little girl things. My favorite gift was a homemade Seahawks tutu and hairbow; Finley will be rooting along with us soon!

I had my weekly appointment with my midwife. Erin, our doula, came with us to the appointment. I gave my midwife our birth plan, which in my opinion wasn't very "strict." For the most part, I don't think we'll have any problem with having things go the way we hope, but of course, Mike and I flexible and know that circumstances can arise and therefore plans can change. As far as baby goes, everything looks good. Her heart rate was in the 130-140s, my belly is measuring right on track, and my midwife estimated her full gestational weight to be around 8 lbs., we'll see! My blood pressure was okay at 122/87. I think baby must have really dropped this week because I'm starting to have major problems with incontinence. Besides that, I also have caught my first full blown pregnancy cold, not fun! My midwife also reported that I tested positive for Group B Strep and therefore about 4 hours before I'm about to deliver, I'll need to get a dose of antiobiotics to protect the baby. Lastly for medical issues, I wore a Holter monitor for a full 24 hours to assess how often I am having palpitations. Again, no news is good news and I'm just waiting to see.

I put together my labor bag. I wanted everything I could possibly want in one spot so when the time comes, we'll be ready. Part of the bag includes a photo collage with pictures of friends and family with their brand new babies in the hospital. I'm hoping this will give me lots of good inspiration when the time comes. Also in my bag are a hot pack, cold pack, lavender candle, massage oil, massager, and some music. I know there's probably plenty more I could want and need, but at least this is a start.

On Sunday morning we had our Bradley class. This week was all about second stage labor, the pushing stage! Erin asked if I had been feeling contractions and right at that moment I was feeling some period-like cramping. Nothing major but a little something. I wonder if this could be the start! I had had massage on Saturday and the therapist asked if I wanted my feet done. Well, of course, I said yes but she mentioned that it could put me into labor. So maybe this cramping was related to that? Who knows, but I am excited that something is starting!

~ Brittney

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