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Brittney's Pregnancy Journal

Week 10
~ Dots and Pickles

If I would have been trying to hide my pregnancy from anyone still, this week I would have been caught! Talk about pregnancy symptoms in full swing! So, not only am I exhausted, have sore breasts, and am nauseous, I have started in on full out pregnancy food cravings!

The worst combo of food I had this week was Dots candy and pickle spears! If that doesn't scream "I'm pregnant!" I don't know what does! I don't even usually like that kind of chewy fruity candy and if I'm going to eat bad, I want some delicious, decadent chocolate-y-ness! At work we have this drawer with candy for our students when they reach a speech milestone or graduate from therapy and for many months within this drawer have sat these small boxes of Dots candy (like the size you'd pass out at Halloween). Along with our candy collection, we have Tootsie Rolls, Pixi Sticks, and some chocolate. I try to pick out candy for the students that is NOT going to tempt me to eat it! But for some strange reason, my eyes looked upon those unopened, never before craved, boxes of Dots and I instantly needed them! Ridiculously enough, I ate all the boxes we had for our students (probably about 6!). Do you even know how bad Dots stick to your teeth and the fact that these were not "fresh"- so boy oh boy, was I in a mood! I think about it now and am totally grossed out! Ewww, really, Dots?! To make it all the worse, at lunch time and after I got home from work, I gorged on pickles! It's probably been three years since my last jarred pickle (minus the occasional pickle chip on a hamburger or chopped in potato salad) and I forgot how wonderfully great they are! Just thinking about those pickles is making me want to run home and get some now. Oh man... just so darn good!

Beyond the weirdness of Dots and pickles, I've also been craving dinners of my childhood--not healthy ones either (although I have tried to include sides of veggies). I begged my husband to make hamburger gravy on mashed potatoes, like my mom used to make us. His was okay, but it definitely wasn't my mom's! Wish I knew what is was she did. And a second childhood craving was (I'm so embarrassed to admit this!) Hamburger Helper--the plain old macaroni and beef kind! And it too was delicious! Maybe I'm lacking salt? Those are all pretty salty things (minus the Dots). Whatever it is, hope I pass this stage of pregnancy soon and get back to my normal diet!


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