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Week 11
~ My Terrible Toothbrush

Finley in the snowPeople that know me, know that I love to brush and floss my teeth, all the time! Well, not so much anymore! For the past few weeks, but especially this last week, I can't brush my teeth without puking. I'm not just talking gagging, but full out, heave and blow puking - so disgusting! In the morning, I just dread getting into the shower and brushing my teeth because I know what is going to happen. It is certainly not a great way to start my day. I wouldn't really consider it morning sickness because it's only when I brush my teeth. It's something about the spit building up in my mouth and when I start to spit it out, it just goes into overkill from there. UGH, what to do? I've resorted to only flossing at night and leaving brushing alone all together because I can only really handle puking once a day and I'd rather do it in the morning when there's nothing in my stomach than at night after I've eaten all day. Hoping this passes soon!

On a fun note, this week we actually had snow on March 1! For our area, this is very unusual! I've been praying for a good snow ever since we moved back to the Pacific Northwest from Florida, almost two years ago. Until March 1, we hardly had had anything but a dusting. I woke up on that Thursday to a phone call from my school district saying we had a two hour late start. I told my husband and low and behold when we looked out the bedroom window, there was about 2-3 inches! I woke up Finley soon after so we could spend some time playing in the snow and building her first snowman! She loved it and even now, still talks about her "cool noman."

Until next week, stay warm!

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