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Week 13
~ Then There Were Four

Wow! What an incredibly busy week this was compared to last week! Probably the most exciting and important event of the week was that my brother, Cole, moved in with us. We had to prepare one of our spare bedrooms for him and clear out some space for his things. Cole is also allergic to cats (we have two), so we had to really clean his room well. He'll probably be with us through the summer, but we are happy to have him and Finley couldn't be more excited! She calls him "my Coco" and wants to be with him everywhere he goes!

I also had my second midwife appointment (can't believe it's already been four weeks since my last appointment!). Apparently I was supposed to have provided a urine sample at my first appointment and I never did, so off to collection I went! The midwife was able to hear the baby's heartbeat for about 3 seconds and then she lost it and couldn't find it again. She said she wasn't worried, but that the baby is small and it can still be difficult to find. She told me that when she did pick it up, it was about 140 beats per minute and that was right on target. I have also been somewhat worried about my water breaking later on and me not knowing (this happened with Finley and she ended up very sick with meningitis soon after she was born) and so my midwife gave me some sort of pH tape that I can use and if I am leaking any amniotic fluid, it will turn bluish purple. If there's none, it will be yellow. So, that eases my fears a little of that happening again for when I'm a little further along.

Lastly, I'm a proud to report that Finley turned 27 months old and she wore big girl panties for the first time! Her daycare told me that she had been doing so well with using the potty and staying dry throughout the day, that they thought she seemed ready for panties! So off to the store we went to stock up! Well, her first day, she pooped once in her panties and then peed during nap. Oh well, we'll keep trying! I'm still proud of how great she is doing and what a big girl she is growing up to be!


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