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Week 14
~ Something In the Water

tired walkersI've been participating in water aerobics at my gym 1-2 times per week which has been really fun but I actually love running. However, when I was pregnant with Finley, my blood pressure was always on the cusp of being too high, so my midwife had asked me to stop. I figured the same thing would happen this pregnancy, so I've decided just to stick with walking, since I'd much prefer to be outside than to work out in a gym (even though water aerobics is great!). Well, the weather hasn't been cooperating at all- rain and snow lately. However, last weekend on Sunday, Mike, Cole, Finley, our dog Nola, and I did the Shamrock 5k walk in Portland. So much fun to walk the downtown Portland streets with thousands of other people! Since I hadn't walked in while and Portland is slightly hilly, I was a little sore for a few days after the 5k. This was Cole, Finley, and Nola's first 5k and on the way home, all three passed out in the back seat!

I've been noticing at work that if I sit at my desk for too long, my low back really starts to hurt. I asked our occupational therapist if she had an exercise ball I could sit on instead of my chair. Although it was fun to try, it didn't really help my back pain and it seems like its getting a little worse. Hmmm. I've also been sneezing like crazy. I'm hoping this isn't the start of a cold.

Besides being a speech therapist for the school district, I also work one afternoon a week for a private therapy clinic. At that clinic, I have two occupational therapist friends of which one is six weeks ahead of me and due August 4th and another whose wife is pregnant and due four days after me, on September 24th! We joke that there definitely is something in the water in our clinic! And what's even more interesting, is that all three of us started working at the clinic on the same day back in June 2010! Too funny!

Until next week!

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