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Week 16
~ Bring On the Belly!

Easter!Thank goodness Finley and I are healthy finally! It took about 5 days for both of us, but we are both feeling back to normal . . . well, as far as that goes. I decided to buy some probiotics to take while on antibiotics to help keep everything else normal. I remember taking probiotics when I was pregnant with Finley but for some reason, I looked at the back of the label after I got home to make sure they were okay during pregnancy. What do you know? There was a disclaimer on the back stating to consult your physician before use if pregnant or breastfeeding! Seriously? For probiotics? So, to feel 100% okay about taking them, I called my midwife. Of course they were okay to take and she even encouraged me to take them to prevent getting a yeast infection. Why did they even put that label on there? I have no idea!

On another note, my back is still in serious pain and I'm thinking I need to see a chiropractor soon. I've been taking Tylenol with no relief. I called my midwife and they said it's just normal stretching and low back pain associated with pregnancy. I, of course, googled remedies for back pain during pregnancy and most of what I saw I'm already doing (baths, stretching, Tylenol, heat) but I also read that it usually tends to get worse as the pregnancy progresses! Definitely scheduling a massage and calling the chiropractor!

Easter Eggs!I mentioned last week that I thought I felt the baby move. Well, I know for sure I'm feeling movement now! So fun and exciting! Mike is anxious to feel it too, but I know that will still be a little while. I also have decided that it's time for more comfort with my clothes and I've begun to pull out all of my maternity clothes. I have the best maternity wardrobe--much more stylish than my usual non-maternity clothes! I can tell my tummy is getting bigger too. Instead of being "squishy", it's getting hard and now the top of my jeans sits well below my belly. Bring on the belly, I'm ready!

The weekend was so nice! I planted starts for cilantro and basil and then potted strawberry seedlings. Soon I will get my raised garden together and going with the help of Mike, my dad, and my brother! So fun to think about all the produce I can grow myself!

We also celebrated Easter by dying Easter eggs and taking Finley on an egg hunt at a local park. She was so excited to see the Easter bunny but when she got about a foot away from him (as he was knelt down to give her a hug), she made a beeline the other direction and ran away! The picture Mike took as that happened is classic! Makes me laugh every time I look at it!

Happy Easter to all!


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